Angel of Dawn poem by J.S. Cutler (New Day bringing New Gift) (June 2011)

Susan's Newsletter June 30, 2011 Angel of Dawn Poem by J.S. Cutler Good morning!!!  It's already hot today…and knowing the temperature is to reach 104 today…almost made it hard to down a cup of coffee!!  (almost!)  I read a poem this week that I believe you will all really like.  Often we refer to the […]

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On Thursdays I try to send an e-mail where I write about what I am personally reading in my own life that week. I try to add a Latin phrase relating to the topic of my reading. You can see past notes under archives on my home page, listing these writings by topic. I write to help process life, I write so that we can all have the opportunity to read what will help us find beauty in life. Beauty in details. Realizing how much we have regardless of what pains we may have. I would love to add you to my list of who gets the notes on Thursdays! Susan

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