Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Helen Keller’s encouragement to use our senses. Star Quotes. (September 2017)

Susan’s Thursday morning note September 28, 2017 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Helen Keller’s encouragement to use our senses.  Star Quotes.   Good morning!  Morning sunlight shines behind my angel as she is peering through curtains this morning.  She has a little rescued shivering frog on her shoulder along with a smile to help me […]

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Stars. Poetry and Famous Quotes. (Dec. 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note December 3, 2015 Poetry and quotes on the stars. Good morning!   Complete silence on the opposite side of my windowpane. Only movement refection of starlight on the snow. My angel of dawn peers through handing me her beautiful Christmas star.   Do the little squirrels ever look out of their […]

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Fairy Poetry by Rose Fyleman and Quotes on Fairies (January 2016)

“A Persian Tale” on creation of the first Persian Cat by  Rose Fyleman (1877-1957) Fairy Poetry by Rose Fyleman and Quotes on Fairies Good morning!  I hold strong coffee and look through the curtains.  Did I somehow enter a drawing today?  A beautiful landscape portrait portraying complete stillness and white beauty on the ground?  Where […]

“A singing bird will come…” Quotes by Hafez and Quotes on Faith (March 2016)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Newsletter March 17, 2016 “A singing bird will come…” Quotes by Hafez and quotes on faith Good morning.  Sound of silence and purring mixed.  Smells of coffee.  Thoughts trying to make their way to my fingertips.   If I look outside long enough to focus into the blackness I can see the stars.  […]

Child’s view of God poetry. Quotes on God being found in nature. (June 2016)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note June 2, 2016 Child’s view of God poetry.  Quotes on God being found in nature. Good morning! Few mornings in life I would not trade with those walking the beach or canoeing in the north. Complete stillness and silence with my angel of dawn handing me the gift of a few […]

Strength from Shadows and Gift of White Flower Buds (August 2016)

Susan’s Morning Thursday Note August 14, 2016 Strength from shadows and buds of white flowers. Good morning!  Shadows have seemed to invade all of nature this morning.  Do they fear their disappearance as the sun appears?  Do they resent their short lives?  Can I learn from these shadows?  They seem to have no fear of […]

Sioux Warrior Poem. Thoughts on warriors. (June 2016)

Susan’s Thursday Note June 30, 2016 Sioux Poem on Warrior.  Thoughts on warriors Good morning.  Beautiful stillness given again with the word morning.  Almost synonyms.  Early morning.  Stillness.  The green carpet outside is covered with the intricate patterns hardly noticeable to my eyes from the spider’s creativity during the night.  Do little baby spiders get […]

Morning light. Spring Flowers. Spring Rains. Grief. (May 2016)

Susan’s Thursday Note May 26, 2016   Morning light.  Spring Rains. Quotes on Spring.  Grief.   Good morning!  The sunlight on the trees this morning is deceiving.  Light dancing on the raindrops as they drop off their leaves making the surreal sight of icicles melting on green.  A strange concept.  Watching without being able to […]

Music Poetry and Quotes. Music feeding our souls. (July 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Note  July 23, 2015 Poetry and quotes on music feeding our souls Good morning!   Silence outside.  Even the early birds are sleeping in this morning.  Waterlogged little brave frog rescued and now shivering under little buds that also seem lazy and not yet ready togreet this morning.  Faithful as always, my angel of […]

Famous quotes and poetry on flowers (April 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Note April 30, 2015. Poetry and Quotes on Flowers Good morning!  Strong coffee.  Strong sun.  Flowers all closed and damp beginning to wake up this morning.  My angel of dawn has just arrived at my door with her bouquet of tiny flowers.  The spring flowers that last only a few hours in my […]

Willa Cather quote on the moon. Quotes on the moon. (April 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Note April 23, 2015.   Willa Cather quote on the moon.  Famous quotes on the moon.  Good morning!  Strong coffee.  Stacks of books all having been opened but waiting to be finished.  Bright morning sunlight with a small crescent moon tagging along outside my window.  My angel of dawn has arrived with a […]

Birds Singing in Winter. Quotes and Poetry on our Little Friends (January 2015)

    Susan’s Thursday Morning Note January 22, 2015 Birds Singing in Winter – Quotes & Poetry on our Little Friends Good morning!  Triple strong coffee needed.  Fingers warming up.  Our angel of dawn has again knocked on our door with a beautiful gift of today.  Handed in silence.  With the backdrop of dawn.  This […]

Beauty of springtime. Teacher’s thoughts on unable to help students entirely. Pursuing excellence. “Nearby” by Elizabeth Yates. (January 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note January 15, 2015 Nearby by Elizabeth Yates Beauty of spring.  Teacher’s thoughts on unable to help her students entirely.  Pursuing life of excellence. Good morning!  Silence.  Hot coffee.  Darkness.  Beautiful words.  Mid January.  Just those two words make thoughts freeze and coffee pots work overtime.  Yet, regardless of the point in our […]

Description of birds greeting the day in Rwanda. Bird quotes. (June 2014)

Thursday Note June 5, 2014 A Thousand Hills to Heaven: Love, Hope, and a Restaurant in Rwanda.   Quotes on birds and bird singing. Good morning!  Watching the earth wake up as I type.  Flowers slowly lifting their eyes.  Little frog hiding behind planter with no energy yet to do his hopping.  A few moments […]

Description by John Steinbeck on “ma” and poem on Mother Nature in spring. (May 2014)

  Susan’s Thursday Note May 8, 2014 Mother’s Day – John Steinbeck description of “Ma” Mother Nature accepting help from flowers to “get dressed for spring” Good morning!  Coffee in my favorite mug,  sun rays revealing my household dusting neglect, my outside view transformed from a few days ago with greens and color.  Perfect scenario […]

Winter Quotes (Feb. 2011)

Susan's Newsletter February 3, 2011 Winter Quotes Good freezing morning!  There are about 100 geese on a nearby iceberg cowering on one little foot next to each other, making me very thankful that I was not born a goose this morning.  Can't say I've ever stated that fact before!  If only I could offer them […]

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Wind Poem “Dear March…” by Emily Dickinson (March 2011)

March 24, 2011 Susan's Newsletter Emily Dickinson Poem on Wind Good morning!  It's the chilling cold that demands a warm cup of perfect coffee.  It's the "curse the weatherman" week (we know it's all his fault).  If we can all burrow for another week, we might all come out of this cold, overcast, heavy darkness […]

Madame Guyon (1717) Freedom of Heart & Mind Poem (on freedom of soul regardless of circumstances) (April 2012)

April 21, 2012 Susan’s Newsletter Madame Guyon (1717) poem on Freedom of the Soul (even in confinement) Good morning!   The Sun has chosen to not grace us with her presence today, but we now know she does exist from her debut yesterday!  Our little tulips are dying to show off their hidden colors, the little […]

Creation–Beautiful Unstoppable Moments (June 2008)

June 19, 2008 Newsletter – Creation.  Beautiful, unstoppable moments.   Good morning! Have you ever seen a mother bird fly into a birdhouse near you with a berry in her mouth? I did for the first time this week. And, have you ever heard a mother bird lose her mind when a cat was within […]

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Creation “Singing a place back into existence” Love of nature. “The Olive Farm” by Carol Drinkwater (Oct. 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note October 8, 2015 Australian Aboriginal “Walk-About” and Quotes on Nature Good morning!  It’s a little disconcerting writing this morning as two alert cats are poised staring at the base of the couch.  Last night going to bed they were vigilantly on watch at the bookcase.  24 hours ago a little mouse […]

Creation. Butterfly & Child (July 2006) Nature helping fight sadness. “Achieving Peace of Heart” by Rev. Irala. (Apr. 2008)

July 27, 2006 Susan’s Newsletter Butterflies and Child Good morning all of you out there!  I wish you could see what I'm watching out in my backyard this morning.  About five minutes ago a little 5-year old whosit named Camden stumbled by in his Spiderman PJ shirt, his Cars movie PJ pants, and big cloggy […]

Nature calming restless spirit. Pursuit of stillness. “The Years” by Virginia Woolf (Mar. 2007)

March 15, 2007 Susan’s Newsletter The Years by Virginia Wolff Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen – use of time Pursuing Stillness.  Silence in Nature.  Nature’s stillness calming restless spirit.  Healing nature. Hi everybody!   I’ve gotten one cup of coffee down, and the house is silent.  I love this hour […]

Winter “In All It’s Fury: The Great Blizzard 1888″ by W.H. O’Gara (Feb. 2008)

Susan’s Thursday Note February 21, 2008 In All It’s Fury: The Great Blizzard of 1888 by W.H. O’Gara Good morning out there! We are all freezing & miserable and at the point of thinking it’s like Narnia with the White Witch – always winter. Camden is so sick of putting on 20 pounds of outerwear just […]

Poems on Winter. Early Darkness & Cat in the Evening Snow. (Jan. 2009)

January 29, 2009 Susan’s Newsletter Poems on Winter (Darkness Early & Cat in the Evening) Good morning to all of you everywhere!!!  Shall we pretend that spring is coming this weekend since it's going to be so beautiful!??!?!  We are going to have a "Cabin Fever" Open house all weekend at the store – I […]

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