Inspirational Quotes (November 2017)

Susan’s Thursday morning note November 2, 2017 Good morning!  Darkness being overtaken by a quiet sun this morning, showing just light colors as she hands us this morning.  Branches that are the cradles for little animals are all slowly swinging them awake.  My angel of dawn has corn dust on her shoulders and pieces of […]

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Rabindranath Tagore Quotes on beauty of life. Keeping eternal perspective. (September 2017)

    Susan’s Thursday Note September 7, 2017 Quotes by Rabindranath Tagore – Nobel Peace Price Winner 1913 in Literature   Good morning!  My angel of dawn peered into the west window this morning with a bright moon over her shoulder.  Several minutes later she peered into the east window handing me bright yellow sunlight.  Encouraging […]

Winnie the Pooh Quotes by A.A. Milne (June 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note June 4, 2015 Poem and quotes by A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh Good morning!  Hot coffee.  Pouring rain.  Silence.  How can there be such stillness and silence with rain coming down so hard?   Little toddler mesmerized with his first little sunflower seed in his hand.  Finding out a treasure […]

Quotes on Self-Respect. Knowing yourself. Handling criticism, Trusting yourself “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan. (October 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note October 29, 2015 Knowing yourself, trusting yourself, encouraging yourself, handling criticism. Good morning!!  Absolute darkness and stillness until I look up and focus my eyes into the darkness.  Bright stars beside the full bright moon giving us their beauty and encouraging us to awaken.  Guiding our minds to start the day […]

Moxie Quotations. David had it. Goliath didn’t! (July 2016)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note July 28, 2016 “Moxie” quotations.  “David had it – Goliath didn’t!” Good morning!  My trees and flowers are thinking about awakening. The leaves are just beginning to move a little and the damp flowers want to greet the sun, but not ready yet to open their tent doors covering their beauty. […]

Imagination Quotes. “Is there a Santa Claus?” NY Editorial 1897 (Dec 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Note December 10, 2015 Imagination – 1897 New York Sun Editorial on “Is there a Santa Claus?” Good morning!  The winds have handed me a little bird nest on my sidewalk to gently bring inside this morning and set beside my coffee mug.  I imagine the little family that lived in this dainty […]

Persian Poet (1210-1291) Saadi Quotes and Poetry (November 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Note November 5, 2015 Quotes and Poetry by Saadi (Persian Poet 1210-1291) Good morning!!  Daring to pull back the curtains after the winds all night I find the world is still there.  Slightly disheveled, but present nonetheless.  Little birds have not yet ventured out to observe the damage to their little nests, sleeping […]

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Blessings and Quotes on Sleep and Nighttime Hours. (September 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Note September 10, 2015 Quotes, Prayers, Blessings on Sleep and Nighttime Hours Good morning!  Complete stillness after an intense storm.  All nature seems to be at rest.  Recovering.  Sleeping in.  Only sign of life is ripples caused by a cat’s paw and steam from my coffee mug.  Leaves all still wet and shiny […]

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Quotes from Anne of Green Gables Series (August 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note August 13, 2015 Quotes from Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery Good morning!   Nature seems to be playing a trick this morning sneaking in a preview of a fall morning with the crisp breeze and coolness outside.  The sight of daisies and roses show me it’s all a trick; […]

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Music Poetry and Quotes. Music feeding our souls. (July 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Note  July 23, 2015 Poetry and quotes on music feeding our souls Good morning!   Silence outside.  Even the early birds are sleeping in this morning.  Waterlogged little brave frog rescued and now shivering under little buds that also seem lazy and not yet ready togreet this morning.  Faithful as always, my angel of […]

Quotes by Maya Angelou (February 2015)

  Susan’s Thursday Morning Note February 26, 2015 Quotes by Maya Angelou on beauty of soul.  Beauty of life.  Beauty of aging.  Beauty of being alive. Good morning!  Winds.  Cold.  Creaks.  Spilled coffee.  End of February.  All synonymous words.  My angel has arrived at my door again this morning, slightly irritated with the brutal winds […]

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Making bed each morning lesson by Admiral Bill McRaven. Details matter. Quotes on details. (Jan 2015)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note January 8, 2015 Admiral Bill McRaven lesson on making the bed each morning – paying attention to details. Quotes on details in small matters. Good morning!  Extra hot coffee as the temperature outside hasn’t yet reached zero.  Companions in this darkness include howling winds and a daring little mouse chewing a […]

Quotes and poetry on silence. (Nov 2014)

Susan’s Thursday Morning Note November 20, 2014 The power of silence.  Quotes on silence. Good morning!  Quiet sun this morning entering the world in orange pajamas.  Taking sweet time to uncover and enter the scene.  The angel of dawn again at my door handing me another gift of today.  This week a friend encouraged me […]

Madam Guyon (1648-1717) quotes and poetry. (Nov. 2014)

  Susan’s Thursday Note November 6, 2014 Madam Guyon Quotes & Poetry (1648-1717) Good morning!  Glue sticks.  Paints.  Spiderman busy beside me as I type for you.  Coffee.  Didn’t forget that!  The angel of dawn has made her gift of appearance again this morning.  Again, handing the gift of life today.  I have been reading […]

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Louisa May Alcott Quotes (October 2014)

  Susan’s Thursday Note October 30, 2014 Louisa May Alcott Quotes Good morning!  Coffee.  Sweet silence of early morning.  Unmoving lumps of gold which have not yet made their entries.   The angel of dawn is almost ready to make her appearance to bring me another gift of a new dawn.   These beautiful still moments.  Moments […]

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Quotes on Music (Sept. 2014)

Susan’s Thursday Note September 18, 2014 Quotes on Music Good morning!  Foggy.  Still.  Peaceful.  The angel of dawn has again arrived with the beautiful gift of this day.  A view of a green man flying “to eternity and back” in the background.  This little green flying man controlled by a little Whose-it dressed as a […]

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New Year’s Poetry and Quotations (January 2014)

    Susan’s Thursday Note January 9, 2014 New Year’s Poetry & Quotations   Good morning!  So cold.  So still.  Filler in the perfect cup of coffee.  Peaceful moment.  Again, the angel of dawn has handed this gift of today.  This gift of a whole new year.  The chance to put so much into perspective […]

Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Essay on Choosing Great Books (Nov. 2013)

  Susan’s Thursday Note November 21, 2013 Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes and Essay on Choosing Great Books   Good morning!  Howling winds.  Great filler with a little coffee added.  Silence.  Time to write out for you a short reading this week that has replayed in my thoughts and has been read aloud to anyone in […]

Quotes on love by Mother Teresa. Helen Keller. (Valentine’s Day Feb. 2013)

Susan’s Thursday Note February 14, 2013 Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, thoughts on love.  Misc. quotes on love.   Good morning!  Five colors to the sunrise.  Birds overhead calling out “Good morning, world!”  (Squawking out!).  Little one with one sock barely hanging on like an elf, other foot bare.  Second cup of filler with a little […]

Gardening Quotes. “Streams in the Desert” poem on prayer. On strength. (April 2013)

Susan’s Thursday Note April 4, 2013 Streams in the Desert Poem on prayer. Gardening Quotes   Good morning!  So quiet this early.  The first gift each morning.  Stillness.  I can’t resist writing out for you what I read last weekend from my favorite devotional, Streams in the Desert.  This is the book that we have now been able […]

St. Frances de Sales and St. Francis of Assisi Quotes. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio taking name Pope Francis. (March 2013)

Susan’s Thursday Note March 14, 2013 Quotes from St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis de Sales   Good morning!  I’m standing guard of my second strong cup of filler with coffee for a certain little whosit believes the cats would love to have their share.  Dishoovled cranes are flying overhead squawking at their leader.  Little […]

Sunshine. Sun. Summer Poems and Quotes (July 2012)

Susan's Newsletter July 26, 2012 Sun, Summer, Sunshine Poems & Quotes   Good morning!!!  Perfect filler with a little coffee added in.  Pretending I'm in an Austrian cafe surrounded by Danishes of my choice.   Destruction all around me from the little live tornado.  Life.  Time.  A gift we've been given again today.  I've found something […]

Quotes – Misc. Great Ones! (July 2012)

Susan's Newsletter July 19, 2012. Great Quotes! Good morning!!!  Perfect filler with a little coffee mixed in, everything already rearranged within five minutes from the little human tornado, a mop of hair from the older child sticking out of a blanket from the pulled-out couch…beautiful morning!  The only difficulty is in the fact that I […]

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Friendships. Girlfriends. “Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake” by Anne Quindlen. June 2012

  Friendship – Quotes & thoughts on "girlfriends" by Anne Quindlen. Susan's Newsletter June 7, 2012 Good morning!  Yesterday morning I went to pour my coffee, and had forgotten to add the coffee to the filler, so just had murky hot water.  How is it that we are to complete the 3-4 step process of […]

Quotes on Grace and passage on kindness “In this House of Brede” by Rumer Godden (Apr. 2009)

April 16, 2009 Susan’s Newsletter – In this House of Brede by Rumer Godden (Prayer, Striving to see good in all of life, Looking heavenward) Grace: Quotes and Passages for Heart, Mind and Soul by B.C. Aronson   Good morning!   I'm trying to get this note off to you & also get the new items […]

Prayers and Letting go of Past “Live with Intention: Rediscovering What we Deeply Know” by Mary Anne Radmacher (March 2012)

March 15, 2012 Susan's Newsletter Honey in Your Heart: Ways to See and Savor the Simple Good Things by Mary Anne Radmacher Live with Intention Rediscovering What we Deeply Mary Anne Radmacher   Good morning!!  Perfect filler with a little coffee added in, birds, tulips beginning to push through, windows open for first morning of the […]

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards. Inspiring Quotes. Love of Words (April 2012)

Susan's Newsletter April 19, 2012 Resolutions. Love of Words.  Inspiring Quotes Good morning!  Springtime.  Glances to the heavens for cloud analysis.  Storms.  Calm.  Wind.  Constant changes.  Nebraska.  Not necessarily my favorite place for springtime storms, but calm Thursday mornings…I'll take.  Birds.  Tulips.  Stillness.  Cats.  Books.  Piles.  Thoughts.  Dreams.  Ideas.  Life.  Coffee (with extra filler).  Today.  One […]

Love of Books & Book Quotes “The Master Violin” by Myrtle Reed (Jan. 2011)

January 20, 2011 Susan’s Newsletter The Master Violin by Myrtle Reed   Good morning!!!  I thought we were buried last week, but here we go again!!  Just remember – all warm drinks taste significantly better when the ground is covered with snow…so that is one reason why once in awhile we need the white blanket!  […]

Perseverance Quotes (Jan. 2011)

Susan's Newsletter January 27, 2011 Perseverance Quotes Hi!  I tried for "Good morning," but we're not hitting "Good afternoon!"  I'm getting a kick out of my note to you this morning because it's on perseverance, but I can't seem to persevere & get this done!!!!  (grin)  I loved what I read, though, and determined to […]

Quotes on Hope – Spring & Easter (April 2010)

April 1, 2010 Susan's Newsletter Quotes on Hope (Spring & Easter)   Good morning!!!  I thought that the first warm drink in the morning was perfect on a winter morning, maybe I'll change that idea…the perfect cup was this morning…the air so still, green shooting out of the ground, sounds from the geese, alert cats on […]

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Character Quotes. Being the person others think that you are. (April 2009)

April 9, 2009 Susan's Newsletter Quotations on Character (Self-Respect, Reputation, Integrity, Inner/Out Being the same) Good morning!  Have you given yourself the luxury of your favorite drink this morning??!?!  With extra filler if it's coffee!??!?!  I saw three little robins yesterday hauling around little sticks – that is the perfect filler for my coffee!  That sight […]

Snoopy Quotes (grin) (March 2009)

March 5, 2009 Newsletter Snoopy Quotes Good morning!  This is a fun e-mail to write, going through Peanuts, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus quotes.  And the timing is perfect, for my sister, Julie, loves Snoopy & she had a little girl less than 12 hours ago.  Her fourth little girl that is now bundled in pink […]

Book Quotes from “Book Notes: A Reader’s Journal” (April 2009)

April 2, 2009 Susan's Newsletter Book Quotes    Book Notes:  A Reader’s Journal by Julia Hecomovich Finding beauty in life even in horrible circumstances.    An Interrupted Life and Letters from Westerbork by Etty Hillesum (died in concentration camps)   Hi all of you!  Even the coffee doesn't seem to be working this morning, but noticing […]

Importance of the written word. “A Book Lover’s Companion” by The Folio Society (May 2008)

May 8, 2008 Susan’s Newsletter A Book Lover’s Companion published by The Folio Society in London Importance on the written word. Good morning!  The last week has been spent going through different book lists from authors I admire and lists I respect so we can expand our book section at the store.  I have been […]

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