Priority Setting. Goals “Never Check E-Mail in the Mornings” by Julie Morgenstern (Aug. 2009)

Susan’s Newsletter August 13, 2009 Organization – Setting Goals Don't Check E-Mail in Mornings by Julie Morgenstern Eat That Frog! By Brian Tracy   Good morning! The coffee is perfect, but the caffeine hasn't necessarily hit my fingers yet! I'm going to try a new experiment on the only living plant I'm responsible for…give a […]

Setting Goals, Evaluating Things to Do by Priority “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy (April 2008)

April 24, 2008 Susan’s Newsletter Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy Goals, Organizing  Happy Spring!!! I was smiled at by my first tulip friends this week and was greeted by birds and daffodils – therein is proof – spring has sprung! Now, for the mushrooms……….I can't tell you where Stu finds them or I'd have […]

Awareness. Noticing. Eulogy for each day of life. “Desert Wisdom by Nouwen” (April 2009)

Susan's Newsletter April 30, 2009 Eulogy for each day of your life.  Awareness.  Noticing. Desert Wisdom from 4th & 5th centuries compiled by Henry Nouwen Simple Abundance by Sarah Breathnach   Good morning!  The birds are singing & the coffee has brewed hours ago….time to get my fingers typing for you! Last week I opened […]

“Learning to Read” poem by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (Dec. 2010)

Susan's Newsletter December 2, 2010 Learning to Read poem by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (civil rights leader 1854) Good morning!  With the stillness of this morning it's easy to repress the memory of days of harsh winds this week.  The weeks of winter you're glad you weren't a settler…seems nothing is as soul-breaking as a […]

Perseverance Quotes (Jan. 2011)

Susan's Newsletter January 27, 2011 Perseverance Quotes Hi!  I tried for "Good morning," but we're not hitting "Good afternoon!"  I'm getting a kick out of my note to you this morning because it's on perseverance, but I can't seem to persevere & get this done!!!!  (grin)  I loved what I read, though, and determined to […]

Angel of Dawn poem by J.S. Cutler (New Day bringing New Gift) (June 2011)

Susan's Newsletter June 30, 2011 Angel of Dawn Poem by J.S. Cutler Good morning!!!  It's already hot today…and knowing the temperature is to reach 104 today…almost made it hard to down a cup of coffee!!  (almost!)  I read a poem this week that I believe you will all really like.  Often we refer to the […]

Coexisting with Unresolved & Embracing Imperfection “Creating a Charmed Life” by Victoria Moran (Mar. 2007 & 2011)

March 10, 2011 Susan’s Newsletter – Embracing Imperfection in Self March 29, 2007 – Coexisting Gracefully with the Unresolved Creating a Charmed Life by Victoria Moran God Calling Journal.  By AJ Russell    Good morning!  Maybe we're looking at our final blanket of still whiteness outside for the season…it's so still and quiet this morning.  […]

Nature calming restless spirit. Pursuit of stillness. “The Years” by Virginia Woolf (Mar. 2007)

March 15, 2007 Susan’s Newsletter The Years by Virginia Wolff Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen – use of time Pursuing Stillness.  Silence in Nature.  Nature’s stillness calming restless spirit.  Healing nature. Hi everybody!   I’ve gotten one cup of coffee down, and the house is silent.  I love this hour […]


(on having too much to do in her waking hours)…I am writing at the seventh hour (about midnight)…the day does not contain one hour of time that is mine, since in addition to my other duties I have now been assigned to teach Gregorian chant to four young girls, and by Madonna’s orders I am […]

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Time Passing so Quickly “Lantern in Her Hand” by Bess Streeter Aldrich (Dec. 2009)

  December 17, 2009 Susan’s Newsletter A Lantern in Her Hand by Bess Streeter Aldrich       “Time passing…stop the winds…stop the winds…”       Death of her young baby at birth.  Death discussion with husband before his death.  Grief.       Dreaming – keeping ALIVE regardless of immediate circumstances.  Keeping LIFE.       Motherhood thoughts after being thought […]

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On Thursdays I try to send an e-mail where I write about what I am personally reading in my own life that week. I try to add a Latin phrase relating to the topic of my reading. You can see past notes under archives on my home page, listing these writings by topic. I write to help process life, I write so that we can all have the opportunity to read what will help us find beauty in life. Beauty in details. Realizing how much we have regardless of what pains we may have. I would love to add you to my list of who gets the notes on Thursdays! Susan

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