Children's Clothing

Buy and sell used children’s clothes at Susan’s “Almost New” Consignment Shop downtown Aurora!

Our clothes online are just a taste of what we have.  We are not able to put most of the clothes on yet because of time, but excited to keep adding as many as possible.  We now have baskets of jeans and slacks for boys and girls.   Our less expensive clothes we don’t have listed, including little hats, onesies, stockings, shirts, pajamas, jackets, dresses.   Help your local moms and Susan’s make a little extra money by coming to our store to shop and to sell your “almost new” clothes!

Girls and boys newborn-size 14 looking new.  We have through size 6 at this time on our racks. 

We need clothes for boys through size 18 for concerts, church, school programs. Khaki, black pants, jeans. Dress shirts, ties. Make sure classy and not dated for our boys to grab quickly and not have to leave town!

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