The Auroran by Jeffrey Ross




August Nightingale, in late middle age, has had little success with relationships– and not much meaningful satisfaction in the world of work. Abruptly deciding to “leave it all behind,” he embarks on a snowy road trip to visit Civil War battlefields in Pennsylvania. His journey becomes one of self-realization. A mishap on the highway, the kindness of his beautiful neighbor Sarah (who helps him to convalesce), and the friendly people of Aurora change his life and his heart. This mature romance novel shows that it is never too late to find happiness, to experience meaningful love, when souls are honest and open to the truths of human experience.


Personal note to Susan from Jeffrey Ross:

Hi Susan!  My name is Jeff Ross– I am a former Auroran who lives in Gilbert,Arizona now. My uncle, Valta Ross, lives over on 10th St.  advised me to contact you.  This past week, my novel called The Auroran: Cold Front Redemption became available in print. (It has been available  in Nook and Kindle form since September 11. (My publisher is an eBook outfit, but they have an agreement with Amazon Createspace to provide print-on-demand copies.)
The book, simply put, is about a fellow who is rather depressed but finds happiness and true love after spinning out in a snowstorm on I 80 and walking into Aurora during a blizzard. We call it a “mature romance”–  August and Sarah,the couple, have had bad relationship experiences but find joy in honesty, companionship, and city of Aurora.  The heat level (in terms of modern romance novels, is probably 2/10– the emphasis is on reflection, not romance.

I have changed some place names and business names in the book — but the courthouse and Streeter Park figure prominently. (August and Sarah also enjoy cheeseburgers at the Goodview Café and coffee at the Expressions and shop at Red and Black Grocery) Plus, August decides to buy a house near 10th and N Streets.