Delicious Soups by Fayne Petersen





“As Fayne was greeting customers and asking how they liked the fried chicken, a woman began to cry.  She said it was just like her grandmother used to make.  Fayne can say the same thing about a mother, grandmother, and mother in law who gave her a love for cooking and an understanding of the value of time spent around a table eating an interacting.

The smell and taste prompted memories of a part of life spent in a kitchen or around a table as food was prepared and served.

This is the first in a series of cooking booklets which present fresh and new recipes as well as updated “old family recipes”.  It is intended to be simple and easy to use with the ope that you too will gather at your table and one of you will cry one day when a taste and smell reminds you of that experience.”

written by Clint Petersen