Earthen Vessels by Linda Howard Cooke


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In a compelling story of debt and redemption, Earthen Vessels follows American Maggie Boyce on an impetuous flight into the lush but lethal Colombian rain forest. The pretense of her journey is to find a medicinal plant to treat her sister’s cancer. Her true purpose, however, is to buy some time away from her family’s medical crises. Her search yields discoveries she hadn’t bargained for; entanglements with the narcotics trade, unexpected romance, and renewed spirituality.
It is in her search that Maggie is found by Luis Vasallo. Years earlier, his sister Beryl was sold into the prostitution ring of the regional cocaine cartel. Now Luis has a chance to redeem Beryl, but only by selling Maggie out to the cartel. All along he knows that whatever choice he makes will cost him dearly.
Together Maggie and Luis take on the ultimate search – the search for what gives value to life. Are they willing to pay the price for the treasures they seek?