Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery – Susan’s Newsletter Feb. 2009



Susan’s Thursday Morning Note February 12, 2009
Emily of New Moon by L.M.  Montgomery (Author of Anne of Green Gables)
Good morning!!!  The little baby doesn’t have to have any guilt to begin its life about my not drinking coffee, for I’m not even craving it anymore.  So, there!!!!  But, to all of you drinking a perfect combination of coffee/filler – I do envy the experience!!!  The last few weeks I’ve been indulging in a book by the author of Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery.  The title is Emily of New Moon.  Our little Emily’s mother died when she was an infant, and says goodbye to her father as he dies when she is just a young girl.  She then moves in with eccentric relatives and friends on Prince Edward Island.  What enjoyment I’ve had as I’ve taken about 2.5 seconds to read before falling to sleep at night!  (I’m serious – I’m only 1/4 of the way through & this is my main book at night….maybe 1 page at a time!) Here are lines I’ve underlined for you so far.  I’ve been saving one main line for Valentine’s Day! 
What sustained Emily upon learning of her father’s imminent deathBut Emily had inherited certain things from her fine old ancestors – the power to fight – to suffer – to pity – to love very deeply – to rejoice – to endure…Her heritage of endurance came to her aid now and bore her up. 
Conversation with her father about her continuing to live after his death. 
I wish you – could take me right through the door with you,” whispered Emily. 
“After a little while you won’t wish that.  You have yet to learn how kind time is.  And life has something for you – I feel it.  Go forward to meet it fearlessly, dear.  I know you don’t feel like that just now – but you will remember my words by and by.”
“I feel just now,” said Emily, who couldn’t bear to hide anything from her Father, “that I don’t like God any more.”
“Yes, you do, honey.  You can’t help liking God.  He is Love itself, you know.”
Describing a mentally handicapped friend: Whatever part of him was missing it wasn’t his heart. 
Love of books: What mysteries might lurk behind the chintz-lined glass doors of the bookcase!  Books were Emily’s friends wherever she found them.  She flew to the bookcase and opened the door. 
Forgiveness: I don’t know whether it is any use forgiving people or not.  Yes, it is, it makes you feel more comfortable yourself. 
How can it already be Valentine’s Day again? The day so many love to arrive, the day so many dread.  I loved the line above that Emily’s father said, “God is Love itself.” If we all will look at the eternal perspective of all of our relationships, the relationship that is eternal is the one with Love.  God.  All others are who he put in our lives (including our parents, children), for they are only part of our lives….part of God’s eternal perspective for our story.  Who can you find to tell they are special on Saturday? Whether you’ve been hurt or lost who was your “Valentine” can you still find someone that needs your smile? I hope you can think of what gives you joy…for this is love.  Even if it’s just your cat purring.  That is God’s valentine to you.  What else is His valentine to you?  Snow?  (ha – I’d have rather he would send 70 degrees!), A perfect cinnamon roll? A little child?  An older friend that needs you to call them today?  A perfectly brewed cup of coffee?  A son “solving” a rubix cube by taking it apart behind the counter & putting it all in the right spot (you’ll never guess what I had going on in my kitchen last night?!??!) The cat bringing his prized mouse to my sliding door as his gift to me for the day?  My favorite old movie coming on when I can’t sleep?  These are all valentine’s!  Whatever makes me “me”.  Whatever burrows into my heart….not many people or situations make it all the way in…the Valentine’s are what do.  What are yours?  They don’t have to be a relationship – they can be what makes you completely at ease and at peace.  I am going to remember Emily’s dad’s comment….You can’t help liking God (no matter the bad circumstances)…He is Love itself.  I can’t write a better thought for you.  Have a great weekend.  Buy yourself something if that’s what you need!  Milkshakes or hot cocoa don’t cost too much!!!!  And, remember – we’ll always brew you a perfect cup of coffee in the store & give you a place where you can be alone or with us – whatever you’re needing when you walk in the door.  Thank you so much for all you do for us!  Have a great week & thanks for letting me again enter your Thursday!  Susan
Latin for this week:
God is love.  Deus caritas est.
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