Information on Selling Clothes at Susan’s Consignment Shop


Hi!! Thank you so much for your interest in selling clothes in our consignment shoppe! We are excited to have this new area in our store & thank you for helping us grow!

We are taking boys & girls newborn – size 14 all clothes that look new and sizes 15-18 dress clothes for school programs. Here are details:


Sizes newborn – 14:

Clothes must look new and ready to hang. No wrinkles.

Clothes need to be brought in either totes or boxes laying flat so that they don’t get wrinkled between your house and our store. We will not accept deliveries in bags.

Clothes need to have all snaps snapped, zippers zipped, and buttons buttoned. (grin)

Baby shoes can be brought in if they look brand new.

We will tag all pieces with individual numbers assigned to each consignee. We will do all of the advertising and promotions. We will split 50% of sales with you after sold.

Any clothes dropped off that we do not use we will send a picture and need to be picked up within 10 days. We will then give to a mission as a gift if you don’t need them back.



We want to have totes of larger sizes for programs for our kids. These clothes will be placed in totes. We need:

Pants: Khaki & Black

Shirts: Black & White


These have to lay flat and be pressed when they arrive. We will only be charging $3.99 each for khaki and black pants, white and black button-down shirts, and ties to meet music program requirements and make affordable for all parents.