Pizza Mix and Match Fun by Bright Bites




Mamma Mia! Feast your eyes on this pizza pie, made your way! Bright Bites delivers children’s favorite foods, with a difference: the main ingredient of educational play. This recipe calls for 4 pizza slices, 12 toppings (4 each of mushrooms, green peppers, and pepperoni), a festive pizza pan, and hours of matching, counting, and fine motor fun. Match the toppings, put them on in a specific order, or simply customize the perfect pie—the choice is yours. Time to get cookin’!

• 4 Pizza slices
• 4 Green pepper slices
• 4 Pepperoni slices
• 4 Mushrooms
• 1 Pan

Pan measures 7’’ in diameter

Grades: PreK+

Suggested Learning Activities:

Matching and sequencing: Place 2–3 toppings on a slice of pizza. Ask your child to match your slice by making the same exact piece of pizza with the same toppings.