Project Digger by Michael Marsh



Welcome! I am Michael Marsh, doodler, author of the book Project Digger and when it becomes necessary to make a living, Senior Inspector for UTC Aerospace Systems.

My book, Project Digger, is a Story of two young girls, the very best of friends who have taken the challenge of creating the worlds greatest science project in an attempt to win first prize at their science fair and have their exhibit displayed for the entire school to view.

The book is based on my daughter and her very best friend .

The book was intended to be all about the art and I put in a large amount of work doing the illustrations but I am happy to say that the story itself was accepted by Tate Publishing and will be available for purchase in paper bound format in March of 2015.

Now about the real Digger. His real name is Barney and I did not get to name him because he was a rescue dog, as have been all my bassets. He was nicknamed Pudger as he gained some weight after finally being cared for properly. He lived a hard life until he came to me and he then lived to the end of his days as much of a king as I could make him. No dog was ever loved more than him. He is the star of my book and all the illustrations in the book are from pictures I took of him.

I hope you like the drawings and enjoy the story!

Michael Marsh