Shortcuts to Gourmet Cooking Encore by Frances Schaffer


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Enjoy cooking from scratch on almost any diet. The winner in cookbook category at the 2016 Los Angeles Book Festival, this second cookbook from Fran focuses on healthful foods without artificial additives and recipes using white whole wheat flour, unbleached and gluten-free flours. She emphasizes how cooking from scratch is easy, saves you time and money and is healthier for you and your family. Many of the recipes in this book can be used for any type of diet, and icons are used throughout to indicate a recipe or its options are gluten-free, low cholesterol, all natural, or include honey. Healthful Hints provide tips on how to make a dish more healthful and Helpful Hints will help make your cooking and baking easier. The end product is a timely book. More and more articles in all types of the media from newspaper and magazine to television and the internet are touting all-natural cooking, and more healthful supermarkets are becoming accessible to consumers. Many have specialty sections dedicated to all-natural, organic and gluten-free foods. This book is a sequel to her first cookbook, Shortcuts to Gourmet Cooking and Family Favorites, and has the rest of the recipes from her restaurant, Nonna’s Palazzo,that she was unable to include in the first book. Another addition to the book is color, healthful hints, and God’s Pharmacy. Enjoy this timely personal cookbook.