Christmas Box Collection by Richard Paul Evans – Susan’s Newsletter Nov. & Dec. 2006


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The Christmas Box Collection by Richard Paul Evans
Susan's Newsletter November 20, 2006 Music Analogy to life

Good morning!  I almost had a slight panic when I went in the kitchen – I was out of coffee.  Since there was no caffeine in my system it took an additional five minutes for neurons to fire & remind me a huge Folgers from Sam's Club was in my trunk for the store.  After freezing my way to the trunk, the coffee has brewed, two cups have been downed, and I'm ready to put some thoughts down for you all!

I have another "favorite" book that I read for the first time last year, The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans.  This book was on the NYT list for months when first released.  I have another large shipment coming in next week of the trilogy including a sequel named Timepiece.  I pulled this down on Tuesday night & couldn't stop reading.  Here is the quote that impacted me from the journal of a father,
"At times I wish it were within my power to reach forth my hand and stop the moment – but in this I err.  To hold the note is to spoil the song."

I'll try to not put my thoughts into appropriate sentences, just get out how I began comparing life to a classical song.  Classical songs are composed of many movements.  Each of these movements are composed with the intent of portraying feeling, meaning.  The sections that are played in minor key portray loss, grief, hardship, frustrations, pain.

Those that quit playing their music – just shut off their "living" during this section of the song will never realize that if they JUST KEEP ON PLAYING (just keep on trying to live) – the minor section will gradually change into a completely new movement – possibly beautiful, possibly sweet, possibly upbeat & fun, possibly peaceful.

That doesn't mean that the movement of sadness doesn't affect the rest of the song, but the song will still continue to go on.  Only those that listened to/experienced the minor section will pick up on the notes from that section as they are thrown into the rest of the song.  They do affect the rest of the song, but the song still went on.  Just keep on playing the music – the hard section of the song will eventually turn into a new movement.  Life will become sweeter, full of hope again, for those that just keep on playing – you never know when you will turn the page of your life & the minor section will gradually change over into a new movement.

Let's all continue our songs – only at the end of our lives will we see the entire composition in full – see all of the movements of our lives.  Live with pride – never stop playing, for your individual song is important, beautiful, unique.

And, once again, thank you so much for your business and encouragement this season.  I am so glad that we are here – we love having our store.  If I'm not in when you come by to shop or let your kids play, know that I appreciate you even though you don't hear it from me personally.  Go take on the day.  Don't forget to turn off your TV and read or play with your family.  Life is short.  Our song will play quicker than we think.   Susan

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Evans, Richard Paul.  The Christmas Box.  New York.  Pocket Books.  1998.



Richard Paul Evans' #1 New York Times bestseller The Christmas Box has become a holiday classic, a tale so touching that it continues to "tug families' heartstrings" (USA Today). His exquisite prequel, Timepiece, and The Letter completed the glorious trilogy of the Parkin family. Now all three magical stories are compiled in one extraordinary treasury that -reaches into that place where all broken hearts will forever be made whole" (The Star, Chicago).

The Christmas Box

A Christmas story unlike any other, The Christmas Box is the poignant tale of a widow and the young family who moves in with her. Together, they discover the first gift of Christmas — and what the holiday is really all about.


Tracing the lives of a young couple as they discover love, loyalty, and the power of forgiveness, Timepiece is a tale of wisdom and of hope — and a gentle reminder that the connections from one generation to the next are indelible.

The Letter

A mysterious letter is found at the grave of a couple's only child in this unforgettable conclusion to the collection. As they face love's greatest challenge, they find its truest meaning and learn the lessons that are echoed throughout.




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