My Walk of Faith in Two Worlds by Mary “Eleanor” Wolfe Hanson


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This is the life story of Eleanor, a daughter of missionaries. Her story begins with the marriage of her parents, Leslie Wolfe and Carrie Austin in 1903. Eleanor writes about her birth in the Philippine Islands in 1909. She traces her early years growing up on the mission field, taking her first “steps of faith” under the tutorage of her devout loving parents.

Two family furloughs to America in 1914 and in 1922 enhance Eleanor’s awareness of her expanding “worlds.” She shares experiences of her carefree youth in the Philippines, and her difficult transition at age 17 to complete high school and college in the mid-western United States.

A whirlwind romance in 1932 finds Eleanor married to Robert, a young preacher. Ten years later he is sent to New Guinea as an army chaplain in World War 2, leaving her alone with three young children and a new baby on the way. During the traumatic war years, Eleanor does not know the status of their parents in the Philippines. She later learns that Carrie and Leslie spent three years of internment imposed by the invading Japanese military.

Following the war, Eleanor receives word of her parents’ liberation from the prison camp, and of her father’s ensuing death from starvation. Eleanor and Robert travel to the Philippines in 1974 with their four children to assist Eleanor’s mother in the rebuilding of the Philippine mission.

Faced with illnesses and life-threatening health conditions, the Hanson family returns to Rober’s home state of Nebraska in 1949, where Eleanor continues her “Walk of Faith,” serving the Lord along with her husband in local ministries.

As their children grow and leave the nest, Robert and Eleanor continue their support of missions to “Two Worlds.” They live in and travel from America to the Philippines, India, and Indonesia, teaching and preaching God’s Word.

Well into their retirement years, Robert and Eleanor continue a “Walk of Faith” as they share God’s message of “Faith, Home, and Love.” Following Robert’s death at age ninety-four, Eleanor at age of ninety-seven, lives with the support of her three loving children and extended family.