Home. Quotes and thoughts on this beautiful small word. (Feb. 2014)

Susan's Thursday morning note February 20, 2014 
“Home” – Quotes & thoughts on this beautiful small word.

Good morning!   Oh, so cold.  So still.  Huge snowflakes falling.  Perfect amount of filler in my hot coffee.  A little whose-it in stripes already stating, “Oops…”  The angel of dawn has again greeted arrived with her gift of another morning.  Another day to consciously make decisions to honor the giver of this beautiful gift.

Recently when we drove up the road leading to our house I heard the sweetest word that ever quietly came out of little Shaun’s corner in the back seat.  A quiet small word.  A powerful word.  A short little word stated with sweetness.  My soul is hard to get access into.  The little word opened it right up.  “Home.”  Home.  Such meaning in the small word.  Such beauty.

“Home is the nicest word there is.”  Laura Ingalls Wilder

“It was good to walk into a library again; it smelled like home.”   Elizabeth Kostova

Someone once said to me, “Always live in a house that is a little too small.”  I think that is right.  Home is not a question of architecture, and though our walls are bulging, it is with the love and happiness of a large family.  We crowd each other, meaning we know each other that much better.  The fact that the children do their homework in my pretty pink bedroom, often spill ink on my rugs is compensate by the fact that they enjoy being with me.  The television set is in my husband’s study.  The boys finger through his books and treasures  This disturbs him but in doing so they have acquired his interests, and know the name of almost every ship afloat.  We haven’t a perfect home in the literal sense, but we do have the rich spirit of home, a spirit that will be with our children wherever they may live.  Maureen O’Sullivan

…In the real home the mind is free to undertake voyages of poetry, philosophy and discovery.  That is not only learning; it is a joyous stretching out and exercise of one’s facilities.  Emerson rightly advises us to “go hoe much,” to strengthen our will for accomplishment and store up courage for the vicis-itudes of life.  Thus home fosters the art of living completely and harmoniously that keeps us young and builds fresh loam in our minds for future harvests.  Helen Keller

When my parents died, they were unable to leave me stocks or bonds, property or cash, but they did leave me something that was worth infinitely ore than any of these things.  They left me a great interest and curiosity about everything concerned with living.  They left me knowledge and a taste for the inexhaustible pleasure s to be found in painting, in music, in literature.  They left me the habit of reading…not merely squibs of this or that, but whole books…they left me with a taste for the out-of-doors, and a knowledge of wild life, of fishing, of wildflowers and the laws of nature that are one of the greatest assets it is possible to have.  In short, they taught me in my own home that the delights of life are both indestructible and inexhaustible.  Jascha Veissi, violinist

A house isn’t necessarily a home no matter how complete it may be.  A home is a place that has been or is being lived in by kindly, wholesome people; where joy has been known and sorrow gallantly endured; where there has been comfort and companionship; where the very essence of their natures has entered into the walls so that, entering it the stranger feels that here has been peace and goodwill and the spirit of helpfulness…I never entered its warped door but magically kinked nerves unkinked and the blessings of harmony and quiet soothing contentment enveloped me.  I knew that under this roof, through three generations or more, there had dwelt those who loved one another and loved, too, their fellow beings.  Their souls stayed on to give benediction to me and my friends.  Irvin S. Cobb

Again, we have been handed the beautiful gift of this morning.  Here is a beautiful prayer I read this week to begin our days with.  A prayer that our day will give moments worthy of inscription in stone tonight – our epitaph for moments we will never have the opportunity of reliving.  Will we use today to look others in the eyes?  To smile at a child?  To hold the hand of someone old?  Moments.  The beautiful moments that are worthy of the gift.  Thank you for letting me again enter your Thursday…thank you for coming into our store for your books & gifts.  How I love being here – I can’t thank you enough for making this store be as neat as it is!!  Have a beautiful end of the week!  The birds are ready to sing to us…almost!!!!   I often hear the warming up for their concert in just a month!   Life.  Beautiful gift.  Susan

      Begin the Day with God
Every morning lean thine arms awhile
Upon the window-sill of heaven
And gaze upon thy Lord,
Then, with the vision in thine heart,
Turn strong to meet thy day.
                            Thomas Blake
Latin for this week:
domum – home
ingressus est domum suam – going home
Eo domum – “I am going home”