Why our bookstore matters!

I have so many in my life for 19 years walking through the bookstore door on 13th street Aurora. Every emotion walking in.

Deep Grief telling me a loss of a mother within the hour. Deep grief after burying a son.

Laughter seeing someone’s eyes I haven’t seen in years yet knowing instantly.

People walking into the bookstore on 13th Street Aurora exhausted from life.

Bright eyes bringing in a new baby to look up at the fans and lights.

All walking into the bookstore. Knowing a book may be within the walls to help them, change them, encourage them, relax them. Knowing they will have a bookstore to give them a peace and emotion only books bring.

All walking into the bookstore. Bringing children to find a book they will hold with a state of pride as they leave. Asking for a book for a hurting friend. Asking for a book as they will go sit in a cabin. Asking for a book on coins. On Civil War. On unicorns. On dinosaurs. On science fiction. On pregnancy. On grief. On parenting. On romance. Asking for a classic. Book lovers.

Notes on emails the last 24 hours on your love of our store. Questions by others on why we require rather than recommend masks.

I’d like to share again this interview with KLKN-TV Lincoln explaining why we require them rather than ask. I hope this helps some of you understand why we have the sign up when we know it will affect our sales.

My heart will be full when my elderly loved ones in retirement homes and staying home can again have the bookstore on 13th street be their second home. Until that day we will wear our masks to show them they are not forgotten. Thank you all for letting your lives be part of mine. You are all part of why I believe life will always be beautiful. Susan

Aurora bookshop faces backlash after mask requirement