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Backstage: Behind the Curtain ~ by Kent Theesen (Hastings, Nebraska)


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Kent Theeson is from Hastings, NE.   “Backstage: Behind the Curtain” was released September, 2018.

Theesen’s book is a fascinating collection of tales recounting numerous encounters with famous people ranging from U.S. presidents to rock stars, sports figures, actors and many more.

“I am pleased to be able to share these stories and experiences with readers,” Theesen says. “I’ve been able to recount the stories that have beenu pivotal to my professional and personal development as an author, artist and most importantly a fan of some incredible talents.” His memories include interviewing radio disc jockey Wolfman Jack, and meeting Al Stewart, Charley Pride, Willie Nelson, and Yogi Berra to name a few.

Theesen returned to his hometown after living in various U.S. cities and abroad. His career as a radio DJ, actor, hospitality specialist, artist and photographer took him to numerous locations such as Salt Lake City, Utah, Palm Springs, California and Madrid, Spain. Theesen is also an accomplished visual artist, selling works across the country through his Tee-Sun Productions presence on the web and Facebook. Theesen used his artistic touch to create the cover of his new book.