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Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings by Tayden Bundy (new book by Lincoln, Nebraska author)


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Where do ghost stories originate?

How do stories continue to shape, shift, and expand over time?

Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings attempts to uncover the historical origins of ghost stories retold in Lincoln and throughout the state of Nebraska-those stories of hauntings passed down through generations of Nebraskans sitting around campfires, rocking on front porches, or whispering at sleepovers late into the night.

Drawing on historical records and geographical documentation, native Nebraskan Tayden Bundy has discovered the facts that connect to several persistent stories of hauntings. He examines the multiple layers and variety of forms these ghost stories have taken on over time. Like apparitions, these legends and tales change shape, lose detail, and become larger than life. By contextualizing these stories, Bundy provides a much richer storytelling experience.

Prepare to be convinced that some Nebraska hauntings are real.


“Beyond Lincoln: A History of Nebraska Hauntings began as a project for Independent Study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and evolved, much like ghost stories, into something much larger. Through fact-based information, I provided a backstory for the tales we have been retelling for generations to provide a larger and more detailed picture of the origins of the ghost stories we tell.”