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Back From Broken: A Journey of Healing From Victim to Victor ~ by JoAnn Marie Bjorkman (Aurora, NE)


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“Back from Broken” was released to help survivors of abuse and those helping survivors find ways to cope and find hope.

Abuse is offensive and harsh, but it becomes worse if kept in secret or spoken of in benign terms. Whether you are the abused, the abuser, a loved one, or a counselor, you will find hope here. Sexually abused by her father for fifteen years, author JoAnn Marie highlights the skills to help survivors cope with the aftereffects of abuse. She encourages victims to realize the abuse was not their fault. She gives advice born of her own painful experiences how faith and hard work can bring survivors back from their brokenness.

In this book you will find

– Examples of different kinds of abuse

– Abuser grooming methods

– Physical ailments that result from abuse

– Methods for overcoming shame

Survivors of incest, child sexual abuse, rape, trafficking, and prostitution-both male and female-can all find restoration to lead healthy, productive lives through faith in the most complete answer to healing trauma and pain: Jesus Christ.