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Construct a Clock (ages 6-10)


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You watch it ‘N’ number of times in a day, do your daily chores looking at it and you know the day has ended only by checking at it, but have you ever wondered how it works? Yes, we are talking about the clock that makes the whole world tick everyday

This unique do-it-yourself clock that lets you assemble a clock in just ten minutes. Kids will not only love to construct this clock but also take an extra interest, when you teach them to read time.

Kids will have fun deconstructing and reconstructing it as many times as they like and in the process learn how a clock works. With beautiful colours, this clock will look bright and attractive in any kid’s room. And what more, it doesn’t require any batteries

Just construct the clock, wind it and it will keep ticking for more than eight hours with just one winding. Then you can reset the time, rewind the clock and it goes on again.

It is one of the best presents for your child and a perfect toy to wean them away from

Product dimensions:22 (H) x 4.5 (W) x 20 (D) cm / 8.7 (H) x 1.8 (W) x 7.9 (D) inches.

Product features:

No batteries required Will run for over 8 hours with one winding Colourful cogs are assembled in the clear plastic case Complete with a swinging pendulum and shiny bell