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Monkey Addition Calculator


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  • CALCULATOR TOY: Children will have fun learning simple arithmetic with a colorful, easy to read, fun to use monkey calculator. Monkey helps kids to retain addition tables by self checking practice.
  • EASY TO USE: Slide the monkey’s feet so his toes point to the numbers you want to add and the correct answer will appear in the ring between the monkey’s hands! Measures 8.5 x 11″ approx.
  • MATH TOYS FOR KIDS: Make math fun with a simple to use STEM toy that encourages retention & reinforces learning at home principles. Math practice is always more fun with a monkey!
  • PRACTICE ADDS UP: Strengthen your child’s math skills and begin their love of learning with the Monkey Addition Calculator early education tool and monkey around with math! Ideal for kids age 4 & up.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR PRESCHOOL: Prepare your child early for school by introducing simple math principles. Kids will have fun learning by practicing with this interactive teaching tool.