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Glow In the dark Putty (various colors)


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Pick it up and test the texture of this glow in the dark slime putty, but be warned that you might find it hard to put the slime putty down!

It has such a weird slimy, stretchy texture and is a goopy liquid when you’re playing with it, but slap it hard or throw it on the table and it turns solid…so strange

The glow putty comes in a ball-shaped case which comes in handy to keep the slime clean and prevent it from looking like a slimy stain on your desk

Glow in the dark putty is, in fact, a non-Newtonian fluid which means it does not act in the way you would expect a normal liquid like water to act. Instead of flowing around, when you slap it or thrown it, the putty turns solid and bounces

Plus, did we tell you that it glows in the dark for added cool points? You have to see it to believe it

With its odd texture and strange physical properties, these glow in the dark putty balls are an excellent choice as a sensory toy for kids with developmental or attentio

Product Specifications:

Age 2+