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Ponderings of a Guppy ~ by Josh R. Salmon (Palmer, NE)


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Ponderings of a Guppy is a collection of writings that started back in my early 20’s.  I was really trying to find myself, my purpose, and where I was heading.  Little did I know, nor does anybody, what the future held for me.  Most of these were originally intended to be song lyrics but only one, “Yuletide Welcome” actually became a song and was recorded by a band I was in at the time.  Not knowing how to read music, and being a drummer, I never formulated how to put rhythm with my rhymes.  So out of these writings I manifested this book.

The book is divided into three chapters, the first one in more real-life questions, experiences, and ponderings.  This chapter shows my serious side, a side that some may not know exists.

The second is not related to any real experiences or actual people I know or have encountered, but rather just some things that have popped into my head.

Chapter three is silly, and more light-hearted.  It shows my funny, and silly side, the side most people know me for.

A big message I am trying to get across is life is unpredictable.  Sometimes it makes us sad, sometimes glad.  Other times mad and confused.  As a guppy this fish (Salmon is my last name) really searched for answers to life questions.  Some I found and liked, others I discovered I didn’t like.  That is life.  We can control some of it but if we believe in God, and let Him be in control, then good things happen.  Truly.

It may be an odd path to this happiness, it may have many twists and turns.  It may have you scratching your head.  he has a plan for us all, even you.

If you are sad, mad, happy, angry, confused, lost, or any other emotion, then these ponderings should let you know that you are not alone.  That somebody else, me, has also felt these emotions and things get better. 

Remember, somebody out there is worse off than we are.  Somebody who may not even know they are yet.

keep you head up, your faith in Him, and work hard, and have fun.  Life is short so enjoy, but not too much.

Enjoy the books and thank you for reading my ponderings.