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The Civil War Trust’s Official Guide to the Civil War Discovery Trail The Civil War Trust; Susan Collier Braselton; Edgar M. Andrews; Paul J. Birkhead; Julie K. Fix; Elliot H. Gruber; Danielle V. McMahon and James M. McPherson


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Gutta cavat lapidem non bis, sed saepe cadendo; sic homo fit sapiens non bis, sed saepe legend” ~

A drop drills a rock by falling not twice, but many times; so too is a human made smart by reading not two, but many books. (Giordano Bruno).

“Helluo librorum” ~ A glutton for books (bookworm).

“In libris libertas” ~ In books (there is) freedom.

“Quiescit Anima Libris“ ~ The soul (spirit) finds respite in books. (respite: rest, relief)