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US Naval Ammunition Depot Hastings, NE by Walter Miller (Hastings, NE)


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The U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot near Hastings, Nebraska produced 40% of America’s WWII naval ammunition. It was open for 24 years and employed 11,000 people at its peak. It covers 76 square miles of land, has 300 miles of roads, 200 miles of railroad tracks and has over 2,000 buildings still in place!

This book tells of the loss of 232 family farms to provide land for the facility, the construction by 5,000 workers, and of loading and assembling of ammunition in 65 factory buildings. Up to 80 box-cars of components and bulk explosives were coming in daily and leaving with live ammunition for a 3 day railroad haul to our coasts where we were fighting a two-ocean war across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.