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Children Chapter Books

100 Cupboards (100 Cupboards, Bk 1) [Paperback] Wilson, N. D.$2.00
A Blue-Eyed Daisy Rylant, Cynthia$2.00
A Child's Garden of Verses Stevenson, Robert Louis$2.00
A Dog on Barkham Street Stolz, Mary and Shortall, Leonard$2.00
A Friendship for Today [Paperback] Patricia C. McKissack$2.00
A Gift for Mama (A Young Puffin) Hautzig, Esther and Diamond, Donna$2.00
A Horse for the Summer (Sandy Lane Stables Series) Bates, Michelle$2.00
A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family) L'Engle, Madeleine$2.00
A Ring of Endless Light (Austin Family) L'Engle, Madeleine$2.00
A Taste of Blackberries Smith, Doris Buchanan$2.00
A Year Down Yonder [Hardcover] Peck, Richard$2.00
Adaline Falling Star Pope Osborne, Mary$2.00
Addie McCormick and the Stranger in the Attic (An Addie Adventure Book, 1) Lucas, Leanne$2.00
Adios, Anna (Friends & Amigos) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Afternoon Of The Elves Janet Taylor Lisle$4.00
Agent Arthur's Island Adventure (Puzzle Adventure Series) Sims, Lesley$2.00
Among the Brave (5) (Shadow Children) [Paperback] Haddix, Margaret Peterson$4.00
Among the Free [Hardcover] Haddix, Margaret Peterson$5.00
And Now Miguel [Paperback] Joseph Krumgold and Jean Charlot$2.00
Angie's First Case Sobol, Donald J.$2.00
Animorphs #37: The Weakness Applegate, K.A.$2.00
Annabel the Actress Starring in Gorilla My Dreams [Unknown Binding]$2.00
Ballet Magic Robison, Nancy and Loccisano, Karen$2.00
Bandit's Moon Fleischman, Sid and Smith, Jos A.$2.00
Belle Prater's Boy White, Ruth$2.00
Ben Carson Carson, Ben and Murphey, Cecil$2.00
Benji: Off the Leash! (Benji Returns) [Paperback] Camp, Joe$2.00
Bernie Magruder & the Bats in the Belfry [Paperback] Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds$2.00
Bernie Magruder and the Parachute Peril Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds and DiTerlizzi, Tony$2.00
Bird Life in Wington: Practical Parables for Young People John Calvin Reid and Reynold H. Weidenaar$2.00
Black Duck [Paperback] Janet Taylor Lisle$2.00
Black Horses For the King McCaffrey, Anne$4.00
Black-Eyed Susan Armstrong, Jennifer$2.00
Blossoms and the Green Phantom Byars, Betsy$2.00
Boris for the Win: A Branches Book (Boris #3) (3) [Paperback] Joyner, Andrew$2.00
Born to Fly French, Michael; Osborn, Shane and McConnell, Malcolm$2.00
Boys and Girls Playing and Other Addresses to Young Children: And Other Addresses to Children / by John Charles Ryle (Family Titles) Ryle, J. C.$2.00
Brothers Below Zero (Is it too late to be friends?) [Paperback] TOR SEIDLER$2.00
C D C ? (Sunburst Book) Steig, William$2.00
Calico Bush Field, Rachel$2.00
Call It Courage Sperry, Armstrong$2.00
Captain's Command [Paperback] Myers, Anna$2.00
Cat Running Snyder, Zilpha Keatley$2.00
Cattail Moon (Avon Flare Book) Thesman, Jean$2.00
Cave of the Bookworms (Library of Doom) [Library Binding] Dahl, Michael and Kendall, Bradford$2.00
Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors (Children of the Red King, Book 4) [Paperback] Jenny Nimmo$2.00
Charlie Pippin Boyd, Candy Dawson$2.00
Chasing Vermeer Balliett, Blue and Helquist, Brett$2.00
Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul: Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff [Paperback] Jack Canfield, Karin A. Lovold$2.00
Chickenhouse House, The Howard, Linda$2.00
Chickenhouse House, The Howard, Linda$2.00
Class President [Paperback] Houghton Mifflin Company$2.00
Classic Hardcover Story Books (The Wind in The Willows)$2.00
Count Your Money with the Polk Street School (Polk Street Special) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Courage at Indian Deep Thomas, Jane Resh$2.00
Crispin: The Cross of Lead [Paperback] Avi$2.00
Daisy Dreamer and the World of Make-Believe (2) [Paperback] Anna, Holly and Santos, Genevieve$2.00
Dave at Night [Paperback] Levine, Gail Carson$2.00
Dawn of Zombie Haiku Mecum, Ryan$2.00
Day of the Iguana (Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever #3) [Paperback] Winkler, Henry and Oliver, Lin$2.00
Deltora Shadowlands #1: Cavern of the Fear: Cavern Of Fear Rodda, Emily and McBride, Marc$2.00
Disney Presents a Pixar Film: The Incredibles (The Junior Novelization) Irene Trimble$2.00
Dither Farm: A Novel Hite, Sid$4.00
Do You Know What Day Tomorrow Is?: A Teachers Almanac Hopkins, Lee Bennett and Arenstein, Misha$2.00
Dolphin Tale 2: The Junior Novel Reyes, Gabrielle$2.00
Dovey Coe [Paperback] Dowell, Frances O'Roark$2.00
Dreadful Acts: Book Two in the Eddie Dickens Trilogy Ardagh, Philip and Roberts, David$2.00
Dump Days Spinelli, Jerry$2.00
E Is for Elisa Hurwitz, Johanna and Tilley, Debbie$2.00
Edith Herself Howard, Ellen$2.00
Edith Shay LaFaye, A.$4.00
Eleven [Paperback] Giff, Patrica Reilly$2.00
Elsie's Endless Wait (Life of Faith, A: Elsie Dinsmore Series) Mission City Press Inc. and Finley, Martha$4.00
Emergency Quarterback [Paperback] Rich Wallace$2.00
Escape from Egypt Levitin, Sonia$2.00
Escape From the Pop-up Prison (Library of Doom) [Library Binding] Dahl, Michael and Kendall, Bradford$2.00
Esio Trot Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake$2.00
Everything on a Waffle [Hardcover] Polly Horvath and Gina Freschet$2.00
Extremely Good Clean Jokes for Kids Phillips, Bob$2.00
Eye of the Great Bear [Paperback] Wallace, Bill$2.00
Fair Weather [Paperback] Peck, Richard$2.00
Falcon's Egg (Yearling Book) Gray, Luli$2.00
Far North [Mass Market Paperback] Hobbs, Will$2.00
Far North Hobbs, Will$2.00
Ferret in the Bedroom Wallace, Bill$2.00
Fine White Dust, A Rylant, Cynthia$2.00
Five-Minute Mysteries: Cases from the Files of Ed Noon, Private Eye Avallone, Michael$2.00
Flipped [Paperback] Wendelin Van Draanen$2.00
Footprints at the Window [Paperback] Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds$2.00
For Freedom: The Story of a French Spy [Mass Market Paperback] Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker$2.00
Foxy Griffith, Helen V.$2.00
Frantastic Voyage Franny K Stein Mad Scientist No 5 [Paperback] Benton, Jim$2.00
Freedom at Any Price: March 1775-April 19, 1775 (Liberty's Kids) Stephens, Amanda$2.00
Gabriel's Horses (Racing to Freedom) [Paperback] Hart, Alison$2.00
Gathering Blue (Readers Circle) Lowry, Lois$2.00
George's Marvelous Medicine Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake$2.00
Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs, The DeFelice, Cynthia$2.00
Ghost Canoe [Paperback] Hobbs, Will$2.00
Ghost of Spirit Bear [Paperback] Mikaelsen, Ben$2.00
Ghostly Bell Ringer Highlights for Children$2.00
Gingersnap [Paperback] Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Golden Bird, The Stolp, Hans$2.00
Good Boy!: The Movie Novel Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner$2.00
Gratefully Yours Buchanan, Jane$2.00
Graven Images: 3 Stories [Paperback] Paul Fleischman$2.00
Gray Boy Arnosky, Jim$2.00
Halfway to the Sky Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker$2.00
Happily After All Stevenson, Laura C.$2.00
Happy Birthday, Anna, Sorpresa (Friends and Amigos) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse George Selden and Garth Williams$2.00
Harry Potter: Platform 9 3/4 Unknown$2.00
He Chose You [Paperback] Max Lucado$2.00
Heaven [Paperback] Angela Johnson$2.00
Heck, Superhero [Hardcover] Martine Leavitt$2.00
Help! I'm Trapped In My Teacher's Body Strasser, Todd$2.00
HO, HO, BENJAMIN, FELIZ NAVIDAD (Friends & Amigos) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Holy Enchilada! #6 (Hank Zipzer) [Paperback] Winkler, Henry and Oliver, Lin$2.00
Homework Machine [Paperback] Gutman, Dan$2.00
How to Make a Mummy Talk James M. Deem and True Kelley$2.00
Illustrated Baseball Dictionary for Young People Henry Walker and Leonard Kessler$2.00
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Lord, Bette Bao and Simont, Marc$2.00
Invincible Louisa: The Story of the Author of "Little Women" Meigs, Cornelia$2.00
Is That an Unlucky Leprechaun in Your Lunch? [Paperback] Strasser, Todd$2.00
It's A Fiesta, Benjamin (Friends and Amigos) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
It's Christmas Prelutsky, Jack$2.00
It's Like This, Cat Neville, Emily Cheney and Weiss, Emil$2.00
Jack's Run [Paperback] roland-smith$2.00
Jacob's Rescue Drucker, Malka$4.00
Jim Nasium Is a Football Fumbler [Paperback] McKnight, Marty and Jones, Chris$2.00
Jip: His Story [Paperback] Katherine Paterson$2.00
Jo and the Bandit Roberts, Willo Davis$2.00
JOSIE'S TROUBLES Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds$2.00
Journey Outside [Paperback] Steele, Mary Q.$2.00
Journey to America [Paperback] Levitin, Sonia and Robinson, Charles$2.00
Juggling (Hotshots Series) Gifford, Clive; Evans, Cheryl and Chaisty, Chris$2.00
Juliette Gordon Low (Women of Our Time) Kudlinski, Kathleen V.$2.00
Just Jane: A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution (Great Episodes) [Paperback] Lavender, William$2.00
Kid Power Pfeffer, Susan Beth$2.00
Kidnap At the Catfish Cafe (The adventures of Minnie and Max) [Paperback] Patricia Reilly Giff$2.00
Kidnapped: Adapted for Young Readers (Dover Children's Thrift Classics) [Paperback] Stevenson, Robert Louis$2.00
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table-Treasury of Illustrated Classics Storybook Collection Sir Thomas Malory and Julia Lundman$2.00
Kingdom Keepers (Kingdom Keepers): Disney After Dark (Kingdom Keepers (1)) [Paperback] Pearson, Ridley and Elwell, Tristan$2.00
Kira-kira [Hardcover] Cynthia Kadohata$2.00
Knights Don't Teach Piano (Adventures of the Bailey School Kids #29) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Marcia Thornton and Gurney, John Steven$2.00
Knights of the Kitchen Table (The Time Warp Trio) Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith$2.00
Latin for Children, Primer A History Reader (Libellus de Historia) [Paperback] Moore, Karen$2.00
Lea Dives In (Girl of the Year) [Paperback] Yee, Lisa and Davis, Sarah$2.00
Lights, Action, Land-Ho! (Pee Wee Scouts) Delton, Judy$2.00
Lily's Pesky Plant (Disney Fairies) Larsen, Kirsten and Clarke, Judith H.$2.00
Live from the Fifth Grade [Paperback] McKenna Colleen O'Shaughnessy$2.00
Locomotion Woodson, Jacqueline$2.00
Long Patrol (Redwall) [Mass Market Paperback] Jacques, Brian$2.00
M. C. Higgins: The Great Hamilton, Virginia$2.00
Made You Look Roberts, Diane$2.00
Martin the Warrior: A Novel of Redwall [Mass Market Paperback] Brian Jacques and Gary Chalk$2.00
Masters of Disaster [Paperback] Paulsen, Gary$2.00
May B. Caroline Starr Rose$2.00
Meet the Austins L'Engle, Madeleine$2.00
Midnight for Charlie Bone Children of the Red King Book 1 - NEW [Mass Market Paperback] Jenny Nimmo$2.00
Midnight in the Dollhouse (Apple) Stover, Marjorie$2.00
Midnight Magic [Paperback] Avi$2.00
Miko: Little Hunter of the North Bruce Donehower and Tom Pohrt$2.00
Milkweed [Hardcover] Jerry Spinelli$2.00
Miracles On Maple Hill Virginia Sorensen$2.00
Missing May (Yearling Newbery) Rylant, Cynthia$2.00
Missing May (Yearling Newbery) Rylant, Cynthia$2.00
Mississippi Bridge Taylor, Mildred D.$2.00
Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck [Paperback] Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Mossflower [Paperback] Brian Jacques and Gary Chalk$2.00
Mountain Miracle Tedrow, Thomas L.$2.00
Mr. Pin: The Chocolate Files Mary Elise Monsell and Eileen Christelow$2.00
Mr. Tucket (Francis Tucket Books) Paulsen, Gary$2.00
My Daniel [Paperback] Conrad, Pam$2.00
My Louisiana Sky Holt, Kimberly Willis$2.00
My Weird School Special: Deck the Halls, We're Off the Walls! 2013 [Paperback] Jim Paillot and Dan Gutman$2.00
Mystery of the Island Jewels (Aladdin Mystery) [Paperback] Stengel, Joyce A.$2.00
Nekomah Creek Crew, Linda$2.00
New Friends (Peanut Butter and Jelly) Haas, Dorothy$2.00
Nigth Of The Howling Dogs Edition: First [Paperback] Salisbury, Graham$2.00
Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey Rinaldi, Ann$2.00
No Boys Allowed Levinson, Marilyn$2.00
No Man's Land: A Young Soldier's Story [Paperback] Bartoletti, Susan$2.00
No more magic Avi$2.00
Nory Ryan's Song [Hardcover] Patricia Reilly Giff$2.00
Not Quite a Stranger Rodowsky, Colby$2.00
O'DIDDY (Stepping Stone Books) [Hardcover] Stevenson, Jocelyn$2.00
Oh Honestly, Angela! (An Apple Paperback) Robinson, Nancy K.$2.00
One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest [Paperback] Jean Craighead George and Gary Allen$2.00
Palace of Mirrors [Hardcover] Haddix, Margaret Peterson$5.00
Park's Quest [Paperback] Paterson, Katherine$2.00
Part of the Sky [Paperback] Robert Newton Peck$2.00
Patti's Luck (Sleepover Friends) Saunders, Susan$2.00
Patti's New Look (Sleepover Friends) Saunders, Susan$2.00
Peanut and Jilly Forever (Peanut Butter and Jelly) Haas, Dorothy and Lindberg, Jeffrey K.$2.00
Pee Wees on Parade (Pee Wee Scouts) Delton, Judy$2.00
Pictures of Hollis Woods [Paperback] Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Pioneer Cat (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) [Library Binding] Hooks, William H. and Robinson, Charles$2.00
Plain Girl Sorensen, Virginia$2.00
Pleasing the Ghost, packaging may vary [Paperback] Creech, Sharon and Schuett, Stacey$2.00
Pollyanna Porter, Eleanor H.$2.00
Poppy [Paperback] Avi and Floca, Brian$2.00
Prince Caspian [Paperback] Lewis, C. S. and Baynes, Pauline$2.00
Princess Nevermore (Point Fantasy) Regan, Dian Curtis$2.00
Princess Who? Canby Hall (Girls of Canby Hall) Chase, Emily$4.00
Priory Classics: Series Two: Oliver Twist (Priory Classics) [Hardcover] charles-dickens$5.00
Prophecy of the Sisters [Paperback] Zink, Michelle$2.00
Pygmalion [Hardcover] George Bernard Shaw$2.00
Quidditch Through the Ages Whisp, Kennilworthy$2.00
Quidditch Through the Ages Whisp, Kennilworthy$2.00
Rabbit Hill [Paperback] Robert Lawson$2.00
Racing Vacation (Sandy Lane Stables) [Paperback] Bates, Michelle$2.00
Ralph S. Mouse [Paperback] Beverly Cleary$2.00
Rascal [Paperback] North, Sterling$2.00
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Tor Classics) Wiggin, Kate Douglas$2.00
Red Card (Game On!) Smith, Stephen D.$2.00
Red-Dirt Jessie Myers, Anna$2.00
Remember My Name (The Council for Indian Education Series) Banks, Sara H.; Council for Indian Education and Saflund, Birgitta$2.00
Revolting Revolutionaries (America's Funny But True History) [Paperback] Levy, Elizabeth and McFeeley, Daniel$2.00
Ride When You're Ready (Horse stories) Bunting, Eve and Krych, Duane$2.00
Riding Freedom [Paperback] Munoz Ryan, Pam; Ryan, Pam Munoz and Selznick, Brian$2.00
River Thunder [Mass Market Paperback] Hobbs, Will$2.00
Robert and the Class President (Robert) [Paperback] Barbara Seuling$2.00
Robert And The Embarrassing Secret Seuling, Barbara and Brewer, Paul$2.00
Robert and the World's Worst Wristwatch [Paperback]$2.00
Sacagawea St. George, Judith$2.00
Sarah, Plain and Tall Patricia MacLachlan$4.00
Say Hola Sarah (Friends and Amigos) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
SEA OF MONSTERS, THE Rick Riordan$2.00
Sealed With a Hug (Friends 4-ever) Corey, Deirdre$2.00
Secret at Polk Street School (Polka Dot Private Eye) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Secret of the Green Skin #6 Third Grade Detectives [Unknown Binding]$2.00
Secret of the Planet Makon (Daystar Voyages Series #1) Morris, Gilbert L. and Meeks, Joseph$2.00
Seven Kisses in a Row (Charlotte Zolotow Books (Paperback)) [Paperback] MacLachlan, Patricia and Marrella, Maria Pia$2.00
Shades of Gray Reeder, Carolyn$2.00
Shake It Up: Step by Step (Shake It Up Junior Novel) Grace, N. B.$2.00
Shark in School Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Shiloh [Paperback] Phyllis Reynolds Naylor$2.00
Shoes for Everyone: A Story about Jan Matzeliger (Creative Minds Biography) [Paperback] Mitchell, Barbara and Mitchell, Hetty$2.00
Show Time at the Polk Street School (Polk Street Special) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Shreddin the Gnar: Tearin it up for Jesus [Paperback] Greg Stier$2.00
Shroud of the Lion (The Accidental Detectives Series #5) Brouwer, Sigmund$2.00
Smart Dog [Paperback] Velde, Vivian Vande$2.00
Snaggle Doodles (The Kids of the Polk Street School) [Paperback] Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Song of the Trees Taylor, Mildred D.$2.00
Songs of Faith [Paperback] Johnson, Angela$2.00
Soon Be Free [Paperback] Ruby, Lois$2.00
Sort of Forever Warner, Sally$2.00
Spirit Animals: Book 1: Wild Born [Hardcover] Mull, Brandon and Scholastic Multi-Platform$2.00
Spotlight on Cody (Paperback) Duffey, Betsy$4.00
Squashed Bauer, Joan$2.00
Stanley's Christmas Adventure [Paperback] Brown, Jeff and Nash, Scott$2.00
Star in the Storm (Aladdin Historical Fiction) [Paperback] Harlow, Joan Hiatt$2.00
STARGIRL [Paperback] Jerry Spinelli$2.00
Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself Blume, Judy$2.00
Steal Away Armstrong, Jennifer$2.00
Summer Ball [Paperback] Mike Lupica$2.00
Sunnyside Up (The Kids of the Polk Street School) [Paperback] Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Surf's Up: The Unauthorized Biography Auerbach, Annie$2.00
Surviving the Applewhites [Paperback] Stephanie Tolan$2.00
Sweet Sue's Adventures (Living Forest Series, Volume 11) [Paperback] Sam Campbell$2.00
Swindle [Hardcover] Korman, Gordon$2.00
Taggerung (Redwall) [Mass Market Paperback] Jacques, Brian$2.00
Teen Titans Go! (TM): Robin Rules! Auerbach, Annie$2.00
The Absolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone Park With The Terrible Rupes [Paperback] Roberts, Willo Davis$2.00
The Adventures of Peter Cottontail (Dover Children's Thrift Classics) [Paperback] Burgess, Thornton W.$2.00
The Adventures of Pinocchio: A Novelization Gardner, J. J. and Collodi, Carlo$2.00
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Scholastic Classics) [Mass Market Paperback] Twain, Mark$2.00
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain and John Falter$2.00
The Amazing Thinking Machine Haseley, Dennis and Sano, Kazuhiko$2.00
The Angel's Command (Castaways of the Flying Dutchman) [Mass Market Paperback] Jacques, Brian$2.00
The Anybodies [Paperback] Bode, N.$2.00
The Apprentice [Paperback] Llorente, Pilar Molina; Alonso, Juan Ramon and Longshaw, Robin$2.00
The Aurora County All-Stars [Hardcover] Wiles, Deborah$2.00
The Bandit of Ashley Downs: George Muller (Trailblazer Books #7) Jackson, Dave and Neta$2.00
The Barn Burner Willis, Patricia$2.00
The Big Wave Buck, Pearl S$2.00
The Black Pearl O'Dell, Scott$2.00
The Breadwinner Ellis, Deborah$2.00
The Capture (Guardians of Ga'hoole, Book 1) [Paperback] Lasky, Kathryn$2.00
The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity (The Brixton Brothers #1) [Paperback] Mac Barnett$2.00
The Case of the Chocolate Fingerprints (Clue Jr. #3) Hinter, Parker C.$2.00
The Case of the Snowboarding Superstar (Jigsaw Jones Mystery, No. 29) James Preller and Jamie Smith$2.00
The Case of the Stolen Jewel (Clue Jr. #2) Teitelbaum, Michael; Morganstern, Steven and Hinter, Parker C.$4.00
The Cay [Paperback] Taylor, Theodore$2.00
The Corn Grows Ripe (Puffin Newbery Library) [Paperback] Dorothy Rhoads and Jean Charlot$2.00
The Dark Knight Legend: Junior Novel (Dark Knight Rises) Deutsch, Stacia$2.00
The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey (Cooper Kids) Peretti, Frank E.$2.00
The Discovery (Dive, Book 1) Korman, Gordon$2.00
The Dog Who Caught the Crook and Other Incredible True Dog Tales [Paperback] Zullo, Allan ; bovsun, Mara$4.00
The Double Life of Pocahontas Fritz, Jean$2.00
The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm [Paperback] Farmer, Nancy$2.00
The Election Book: People Pick a President Hanneman, Tamara$2.00
The Empty Envelope [Paperback] Roy, Ron$2.00
The Fighting Ground [Paperback] Avi$2.00
The Fledgling (Hall Family Chronicles (Numbered)) Langton, Jane$4.00
The Flip-flop Girl Paterson, Katherine$2.00
The Forgotten Door Key, Alexander$2.00
The Friendship and the Gold Cadillac Taylor, Mildred D.$2.00
The Good Master Seredy, Kate$2.00
The Great Wheel Lawson, Robert$2.00
The Hole Nine Yards (The Mysterious Makers of Shaker Street) [Paperback] Deutsch, Stacia and Boyden, Robin Oliver$2.00
The House Of Wings by Betsy Byars$2.00
The Indian School [Mass Market Paperback] Gloria Whelan$2.00
The Islander Rylant, Cynthia$2.00
The Jewel Princesses and the Missing Crown (The Jewel Kingdom Super Special 1) Malcolm, Jahnna N. and McPheeters, Neal$2.00
The Journey Home Holland, Isabelle$2.00
The Last Battle [Paperback] Lewis, C. S. and Baynes, Pauline$2.00
The Last Invisible Boy [Hardcover] Kuhlman, Evan and Coovert, J. P.$2.00
The Last Kids on Earth [Unknown Binding]$2.00
The Leanin' Dog [Paperback] Nuzum, K. A.$2.00
The Legend of Bass Reeves [Hardcover] Paulsen, Gary$2.00
The Maze [Paperback] Hobbs, Will$2.00
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (Illustrated Classic Editions) Deborah Kestel; Howard Pyle and Pablo Marcos$2.00
The Middle Moffat Eleanor Estes and Louis Slobodkin$2.00
The Midnight Fox [Paperback] Byars, Betsy$2.00
The Midwife's Apprentice Cushman, Karen$2.00
The Minstrel in the Tower (Stepping Stone Books) Skurzynski, Gloria$2.00
The Minstrel In The Tower (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Stepping Stone Books (Prebound)) Skurzynski, Gloria and Heller, Julek$2.00
The Moffats [Hardcover] Estes, Eleanor and Slobodkin, Louis$2.00
The Monument [Paperback] Paulsen, Gary$2.00
The Moon and I [Paperback] Byars, Betsy$2.00
The Museum of Mary Child [Hardcover] Golds, Cassandra$5.00
The Music of Dolphins [Paperback] Hesse, Karen$2.00
The Mysterious Cases of Mr. Pin (Mr Pin #1) Mary Elise Monsell$2.00
The New You Leverich, Kathleen$2.00
The Not-So-Star-Spangled Life of Sunita Sen (originally published as The Sunita Experiment) [Paperback] Mitali Perkins$2.00
The One Left Behind [Paperback] Roberts, Willo Davis$2.00
The One Year Book of Devotions for Girls [Paperback] Children's Bible Hour and Tyndale$4.00
The Powder Puff Puzzle (Polka Dot Private Eye) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate [Paperback] Hale, Shannon; Hale, Dean and Pham, LeUyen$2.00
The Riddle of the Red Purse (Polka Dot Private Eye) Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
The Rumpelstiltskin Problem Vivian Vande Velde$2.00
The Search for Belle Prater White, Ruth$2.00
The Second Bend in the River Ann Rinaldi$2.00
The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney (mix) [Paperback] Barnholdt, Lauren$2.00
The Slave Dancer Fox, Paula$2.00
The Sleeping Giant Of Goll (The Secrets Of Droon #6) Abbott, Tony and Jessell, Tim$2.00
The Stolen Train Ashley, Robert$2.00
The Stranger (Animorphs, No. 7) Applegate, K.A.$2.00
The Summer of Riley [Paperback] Eve Bunting$2.00
The Summer of the Swans [Paperback] Byars, Betsy$2.00
The Sword in the Stone: Magical Story of Young King Arthur White, T.H.$2.00
The Tarantula In My Purse [Paperback] George, Jean C.$2.00
The Time Bike [Paperback] Jane Langton$2.00
The Tough Winter (Puffin story books) by Robert Lawson (1979-10-25) [Paperback]$2.00
The Twin in the Tavern Wallace, Barbara Brooks$2.00
The Twister Trap (Library of Doom) [Library Binding] Dahl, Michael and Kendall, Bradford$2.00
The Velveteen Rabbit [Paperback] Williams, Margery and Nicholson, William$2.00
The Voyage of the Frog Paulsen, Gary$2.00
The Voyage of the Frog Paulsen, Gary$2.00
The Whipping Boy [Unknown Binding] Sid Fleischman and Peter Sis$2.00
The Witch of Blackbird Pond Speare, Elizabeth George$2.00
The Wizard of Sound: A Story about Thomas Edison (Creative Minds Biographies) [Paperback] Mitchell, Barbara and Mitchell, Hetty$2.00
The Word Eater (Library of Doom) [Library Binding] Dahl, Michael and Kendall, Bradford$2.00
The Word Eater [Paperback] Mary Amato$2.00
The Year the Wolves Came Rice, Bebe Faas$2.00
The Young Man and the Sea [Paperback] GREAT SOURCE$2.00
There's an Owl in the Shower [Paperback] Jean Craighead George$2.00
Timmy in Trouble [Paperback] Webb, Holly$2.00
Tom Brady Ladainian Tomlinson [Paperback] Richard J. Brenner$2.00
Totally Useless Skills [Paperback] Rick Davis$2.00
Treasury of Illustrated Classics Storybook Collection-Oliver Twist (Illustrated Jacketed Hardcover) Charles Dickens$2.00
Triplet Trouble and the Talent Show Mess Dadey, Debbie$2.00
Trouble for Lucy (Clarion Books) Stevens, Carla; Himler, Ronald and American Heritage Publishing Company$2.00
Trouble Maker [Paperback] Clements, Andrew$2.00
Troubling a Star L'Engle, Madeleine$2.00
Trout Summer Conly, Jane Leslie$2.00
Tucket's Gold (The Francis Tucket Books) [Paperback] Paulsen, Gary$2.00
Turn Left at the Cow [Paperback] Bullard, Lisa$2.00
Twenty and Ten Claire Huchet Bishop and William Pene De Bois$2.00
Two-Minute Mysteries Collection [Paperback] Sobol, Donald J.$2.00
Unexpected 11 Mysterious Stories [Unknown Binding] Williams, Laura E$2.00
Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary 1939-1944 Siegal, Aranka$2.00
Voices after Midnight Peck, Richard$2.00
Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, R.M.S. Titanic 1912 (Dear America Series) Ellen Emerson White$5.00
Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Razzi, Jim$2.00
Wander Lindquist, Susan Hart$2.00
War Began at Supper, The Giff, Patricia Reilly$2.00
Wayside School Is Falling Down [Paperback] Sachar, Louis and McCauley, Adam$2.00
Wee Sing Dinosaurs Beall, Pamela Conn$2.00
What Could Go Wrong? [Paperback] Roberts, Willo Davis$2.00
Whatever After Sugar & Spice [Paperback] Sarah Mlynowski$2.00
Whittington [Paperback] Armstrong, Alan$2.00
Wild Boy Collier, James Lincoln$4.00
Wild Girl [Paperback] Paticia Reilly Giff$2.00
Wild Times at the Bed and Biscuit Carris, Joan and Jones, Noah Z.$2.00
Winged Colt of Casa Mia Byars, Betsy Cromer$2.00
Within Reach: My Everest Story [Paperback] Mark Pfetzer and Jack Galvin$2.00
Witness [Paperback] Hesse, Karen$2.00
Wolf Child Nolan, Dennis$2.00
Wringer [Paperback] Spinelli, Jerry$2.00
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