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Nebraska & Midwest

Adventist Pioneer Places: New York & New England [Hardcover] Burt, Merlin D$5.00
All Roads Are Good: Native Voices on Life and Culture (Native American Studies) West, W. Richard$4.00
American Women's History Weatherford, Doris$8.28
Basic Police Report Writing [Hardcover] Gammage, Allen Z$24.46
Birds of Nebraska - Nebraskaland Magazine Vol. 63/ No. 1/ January - February 1985 [Paperback] Nebraska Game and Parks Commission$4.40
Cherokee (White Indian) Donald Clanton Porter$2.00
Cozy Afghans Volume 843 [Paperback] Jennifer Peacock Harper$4.25
Cranes on Parade: A Community Celebration of CRANES [Hardcover] Kearney Dawn Rotary$8.80
Dreams of Glory: Women of the Old West Underwood, Larry D.$4.00
El nuevo libro de los nombres [Paperback] Rey, Francis$4.61
Fort Robinson Illustrated [Paperback] James A; Julie Hanson and Don Cunningham$9.99
God Wills It!: A Tale of the First Crusade [Hardcover] Davis, William Stearns$29.99
Hamilton County Courthouse Centennial 1895-1995 [Paperback] Hap Fruits$10.00
How Jimmy won: The victory campaign from Plains to the White House Stroud, Kandy$4.00
I Am Bound for California Reynolds, Edgar$5.00
I Am Bound for California: The Overland Diary of Edgar Reynolds 1852 Noelle Kaplan; Robert N. Manley and Sandi Yoder$3.95
Jesus in Latin America Sobrino, Jon$4.00
Krvn The First 50 Years of Service to Agriculture A History of the Best Farm Station in the Nation, Krvn, the Rural Voice (2002 publication) [Paperback]$10.87
Krvn The First 50 Years of Service to Agriculture A History of the Best Farm Station in the Nation, Krvn, the Rural Voice (2002 publication) [Paperback]$10.87
Let there be peace: Ingeborg's memoirs Franz, Ingeborg 12 1 2017-06-13 06:33:32 PDT$4.00
Letters from a Peasant: The Wit & Wisdom of a Prairie Farmer [Paperback] Brent Olson$3.95
Martin Luther (Men of Faith) Fearon, Mike$4.00
Memories...Our Treasures from the Past -- Celebrating Washington County's (Kansas) Sesquicentenial - 1860 - 2010 [Hardcover] Baskerville, Roger A.$5.00
Midwestern Gothic: Summer 2018 [Paperback] Gothic, Midwestern$6.80
Nebraska 24/7 (America 24/7 State Book Series) DK$5.00
Nebraska History - Summer 1980 (Quarterly Journal, Vol. 61, No. 2) [Paperback] Marvin F. Kivett$9.00
Nebraska History - Volume 61, Number 1, Spring, 1980 [Paperback] Nebraska State Historical Society$7.96
Nebraska History - Winter 1979 (Volume 60, Number 4) [Paperback] Marvin F. Kivett$4.96
Nebraska History Fall 1979 [Paperback] Kivett, Marvin F.$6.96
Nebraska History Spring 1979, Volume 60, Number 1 [Paperback]$12.46
Nebraska History Spring 1982 [Paperback] marvin kivett$7.46
Nebraska History Summer 1979 (Volume 60, Number 2) [Unknown Binding]$6.44
Nebraska History Winter 1977 [Journal] Various and None$5.00
Nebraska History, a Quarterly Journal Fall 1976 (Vol. 57 No. 3) [Single Issue Magazine] Marvin F. Kivett, Editor$5.01
Nebraska History, a Quarterly Journal Spring 1975 (Vol. 56 No. 1) [Single Issue Magazine] [Paperback] Editor Marvin F. Kivett (Author)$5.99
Nebraska History, a quarterly magazine Winter, 1981 (Vol. 62, No. 4) [Journal] Marvin F. Kivett$7.46
Nebraska History, a Quarterly Magazine: Summer 1977 [Paperback] Marvin F. Kivett, (Editor)$5.01
Nebraska History, Fall 1977 (Vol. 58, No. 3) [Paperback] Marvin F. Kivett$8.00
Nebraskaland Magazine: Photographing Nebraska (A Guide to Outdoor Photography) [Single Issue Magazine] Various$4.00
NEBRASKAland Magazine's Weather and Climate of Nebraska [Paperback] Photographs$4.00
O Pioneers! [Paperback] Cather, Willa and Grumbach, Doris$4.00
Our Show Houses: The History of Movie Theaters in Grand Island, Nebraska [Paperback] John Sorensen$49.99
Popular Commentary Of The Bible Old Testament Volumes One (The Historical Books Of The Old Testament: Genesis To Esther) And Two (The Poetical And The Prophetical Books) [Hardcover] Kretzmann, Paul E.$14.96
Railroad town, Kansas City: As viewed by a railroadman Luse, William R$11.86
Roots in the Rhineland: America's German heritage in three hundred years of immigration, 1683-1983 Totten, Christine M$4.00
Static Steam Locomotives On Display In N Reisdorff, James$19.99
Steam locomotives of Nebraska Reisdorff, James J$19.99
Sunset on the prairie: The life of DeWitt Clinton Huntington Mickey, David H$5.00
Sunset on the prairie: The life of DeWitt Clinton Huntington Mickey, David H$4.00
Teaching History in the Digital Classroom [Paperback] Cantu, D.Antonio and Warren, Wilson J.$4.00
The disguised wayfarer and other stories of Swedish pioneer life in America Adolph$19.95
The First Voices : NEBRASKAland Magazine Vol. 62 No. 1 January-February 1984 [Paperback] WOOLY, DAVID$4.40
The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse: A Novel Erdrich, Louise$4.00
The Man from Worms: An Inspiring Personal Story of Business and Family Success in America's Heartland from Fred Bosselman, Granddaddy of the Truck Stoppers William F. Arendt$4.00
The Mountain Men (Volume 1 of A Cycle of the West) Neihardt, John G.$4.00
The Nebraska Companion, New Harmonies - Celebrating American Roots Music [Paperback] Dr. Robin Koozer, Fred Teller et al and Dr. Robin R. Koozer$12.99
THE NUN'S STORY [Unknown Binding]$5.99
The Parable Of Joy - Reflections On The Wisdom Of The Book Of John [Hardcover] Michael Card; Keith Mueller and Douglas Gresham$5.00
The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language and Culture Savage, Michael$4.00
Those of the Gray Wind: The Sandhill Cranes, New Edition (Bison Book S) Johnsgard, Paul A.$3.00
Tombstone's Epitaph: The History of a Frontier Town as Chronicled in its Newspaper Douglas D. Martin and Casey Tefertiller$32.35
Touching the Fire: Buffalo Dancers, the Sky Bundle, and Other Tales [Hardcover] Welsch, Roger$5.00
Turquoise Boy (Native American Legends) Cohlene$4.00
Visions of Lincoln; Nebraska's Capital City in the Present, Past and Future James L. McKee; Krista Burlae; Joel Sartore and Photographer$4.00
Winning Football: Strategy, Psychology and Technique [Hardcover] B. W. "Bernie" Bierman; Frank Mayer and John L. Griffith$14.86
Wisdom of the Midwest, The: Common Sense and Uncommon Genius from 101 Great Midwesterners Freeman, Crisswell$4.00
Woodswoman: A Young ecologist's life in the log cabin she built herself in the Adirondack Wilderness LaBastille, Anne$5.00
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