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Why our bookstore matters (written Dec. 18, 2020)

I have so many in my life for 19 years walking through the bookstore door on 13th Street Aurora. Every emotion walking in.

Deep grief telling me a loss of a mother within the hour. Deep grief after burying a son.

Laughter seeing someone’s eyes I haven’t seen in years yet knowing instantly.

People walking into the bookstore on 13th Street Aurora exhausted from life.

Bright eyes bringing in a new baby to look up at the fans and lights.

All walking into the bookstore on 13th Street Aurora. Knowing a book may be within the walls to help them, change them, encourage them, relax them. Knowing they will have a bookstore to give them a peace and emotion only books bring.

All walking into the bookstore on 13th Street Aurora. Bringing children to find a book they will hold with a state of pride as they leave. Asking for a book for a hurting friend. Asking for a book as they will go sit in a cabin. Asking for a book on coins. On Civil War. On unicorns. On dinosaurs. On science fiction. On pregnancy. On grief. On parenting. On romance. Asking for a classic. Book lovers.

Thank you all for letting your lives be part of mine. You are all part of why I believe life will always be beautiful. Susan

Susan's Latest "Thursday Morning Note"
Appreciate Beauty Near Us. Children seeing beauty.
Violinist Joshua Bell playing secretly in the Washington D.C. Subway

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Welcome to Susan’s!!  We invite you to come for books that might change your life, find award-winning toys, purchase beautiful vintage consignment gifts, select almost new children’s consignment clothing, and make friends.  Educational activities, crafts, science and building projects, and toys your kids will love to learn as they play.  Quality.  Educational.  And, of course, fun!

We welcome you to our used bookstore.  History, biographies, fiction, children, mysteries, westerns, cookbooks, sports, religious books, and more.  Everyone gets a free book every time you visit as our gift.  Books are donated by customers to help us have our store and to help us give books away in our local communities.   We desire to get books into as many homes throughout our area as possible.  We believe that a book given in the daytime may change a life when read at midnight.  

Have a beautiful day!  Life is so short…only one grain of sand can make it through the sand timer per moment.  Let’s make a conscious effort to notice each piece as it goes through.  Each moment.  Our gift.  Susan


Favorite past "Thursday notes" of Susan's:

Thursday note written January 19, 2017 – Anniversary of Susan’s Mom dying.  Beauty of life despite hurts.  Poem to an unborn child.  “It’s okay.”

A favorite Thursday note of Susan’s.   Candlelight giving just enough light for our next step.  Written December 12, 2019.

Thursday note of Susan’s – “Hold Fast Your Dream” poem by Louise Driscoll. Written during WW1.  On keeping the ability to dream and think of good in the midst of suffering.  Written May 31, 2013.

One more of Susan’s very favorites – “The Christmas Box Collection” by Richard Paul Evans.  Hard moments in life compared to minor movement in musical composition.  Don’t stop our song.  Keep playing to get into the next movement of our songs. 

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