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Welcome to Susan’s Books & Gifts downtown Aurora, Nebraska!  We are open 10-5 Monday – Saturday.

We would love to hand you a cup of coffee, let you choose a free book (that might change your life!), and begin our friendship. If you have any books you could donate that are in great condition we would love them. 

Because our books are all from donations we are able to give away over 2,000 books each month to teachers, jails, hospitals, pastors, hospice workers, etc.

“I will not wish thee riches, nor the glow of greatness, but that wherever thou go some weary heart shall gladden at thy smile, or shadowed life know sunshine for a while. And so thy path shall be a track of light, like angels’ footsteps passing through the night.”  Words on a Church Wall in Upwaltham England

We are so excited to be a hidden gem on your Nebraska Passport tour! We have Nebraska Passport books in our store for you! Here is a link to find hidden gems throughout Nebraska this year & for information on downloading their app for your travels!         https://nebraskapassport.com/

Susan’s was featured on Nebraska’s 10/11 Pure Nebraska on June 11, 2024.  Here is the link for you to watch the short segment!  Susan’s on Pure Nebraska


To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.”W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

We hope you find a book that possibly changes your life within our store! 

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Susan’s Latest “Thursday Morning Note” ~
Daisy Poetry & Quotations (June 2024)


Susan's Latest "Thursday Morning Notes"

Sign-up for Susan's Thursday Notes ~ email Susan directly at susansbooks.ne@gmail.com

On Thursdays I try to send an e-mail where I write about what I am personally reading in my own life that week. I try to add a Latin phrase relating to the topic of my reading. You can read past notes under archives on my home page, listing these writings by topic. I write to help process life, I write so that we can all have the opportunity to read what will help us find beauty in life. Beauty in details. Realizing how much we have regardless of what pains we may have. I would love to add you to my list of who gets the notes on Thursdays! Susan