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    Susan's Favorite Links

    Consolation with stories, poems, hymns for anyone grieving
    Great Books Foundation Classics for adults and children
    Khan Academy Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.
    Language Study – Rosetta Stone
    Learning Sign Language
    Library Thing Catalog your own books, or let your kids categorize their own books
    New York Times Bestsellers
    Oxford Dictionaries Online
    Quotations Quotations by Topic
    Quotes of the Day
    Shelf Awareness Information on new books being released
    Slideshow of fun at Susan's 2015! Oh, so much fun this year at Susans!! THANK YOU!!!
    The Folio Society Beautiful Illustrated books from London
    The Teaching Company University Courses where you can listen in your car or home
    The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor with a poem of the day

  • Notes from You!

    Notes to Susan

     Welcome to Susan’s downtown Aurora, Nebraska!

                 * Award Winning Toys     * Kids Consignment Clothing   

    * Coffee & Cookie Parlour      * Lego Play Room       

    * Used Books     * Friendship     * Smiles      *Candy & Balloons!

    TEA PARTIES & Meetings at Susan’s – Click this link for information!!!

    Click for 2017 Slideshow FUN at Susan’s!

    Welcome to Susan’s!  We invite you to come for books, toys, candy, cookies, coffee, and friendship.  Bring your kids to our LEGO play room and in our toy area!  We want kids to come into our store, touch and play with toys everywhere, and make memories!   Educational activities, crafts, science and building projects, and toys you won’t find very many places.  Quality.  Educational.  And, of course, fun!!!

    We also invite you to come visit our used bookstore.  History, biographies, fiction, children, mysteries, westerns, cookbooks, sports, religious books, and more.  Join Susan’s used bookstore club for $50/year per family.  You can use the used bookstore as your personal library.  We also have a desire to get books into as many homes throughout our area as possible.  We believe that a book given in the daytime may change a life when read at midnight.  For information on helping us raise money and on our book give-away program follow this link: giving books away.

    You’ll have to pick some favorite candy while you’re here – packaged into fun bags and candy jars. Gummi dinosaurs, butterflies, centipedes, bookworms, flowers, airplanes.  Chocolate covered coffee beans.  Building block candy that look like Legos.  Huge lollipops.  Everything that makes a smile.

    Have a beautiful day!  Life is so short…only one grain of sand can make it through the sand timer per moment.  Let’s make a conscious effort to notice each piece as it goes through.  Each moment.  Our gift.  Susan 
    Favorite past “Thursday notes” of Susan’s:

    Thursday Note – “A Mother’s Song” by Hester Suthers.  A poem to her unborn child on the beauty of life amidst grief and pain.  Written June 6, 2013.


    Thursday note of Susan’s – “Hold Fast Your Dream” poem by Louise Driscoll.  Written during WW1.  On keeping the ability to dream and think of good in the midst of suffering.  Written May 31, 2013.


    One more of Susan’s very favorites – “The Christmas Box Collection” by Richard Paul Evans.  Hard moments in life compared to minor movement in musical composition…  don’t stop our song…keep playing to get into the next movement of our songs. 


    How does Susan Choose What She Reads?