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Information on Orders & Shipping

Welcome to Susan’s Used Bookstore!!  Over 1500 books are given away throughout Nebraska each month because of your donations!  You can now add toys now to your order & we will also save them for you to have shipped or saved for picking up!

Cost of all used books:  All used books are only $2.00 each because of so many of you able to donate to have our store.

Consolidating several smaller orders into one shipment:

We can save multiple orders (if you want to just order a few books every few days) and ship when you have a full box to help you to save money on shipping.  Choose “Hold & Ship Later” at the check-out.  When you’re ready to ship your saved books then choose pay shipping and we will get them out to you.  We will also let you know if you have a box that hits 10 pounds so you can decide if you’re ready for us to ship, or if you’d rather continue adding to your pile, knowing your shipping fees will be more than $11.99 if heavier.

Shipping Costs: 

Your initial shipping will be $11.99 when you are ready for us to ship your order (or orders).   Our minimum shipping is $11.99 (this covers around 10-12 lbs.). We have this be our minimum to save you money by waiting to ship until you have more books in your orders to send.  This also helps us not have to package small orders of only 1-2 books when we do not have the time to be able to package only a few at a time.

If your box is more than $11.99 via USPS book rate or UPS ground (whichever is less) we will let you know the amount of freight and ask you to cover the extra via PayPal or by calling us with a credit card before shipping.


On a side note…we average 98% of what you order that we find…it drives us crazy to not find a book, but everyone that comes into our store gets to choose a free book to take home & sometimes they forget to show us their book.  We reinventory sections all the time to keep this current, but I’ll apologize right now for this being a possibility.  If you are picking your books up we will refund you when you’re in the store, if we are shipping we will refund you each time we pull your orders, or send you a coupon code to use on your next order if you would prefer that.