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Book Donation Information and Requirements

Bringing your used books to Susan’s.

Thank you for wanting to bring books to help us have our bookstore and be able to have books inexpensive for readers and help us bea ble to give so many books away throughout our communities. 

We ask that your books look almost new.  Please bring books that are not bent, torn, mildewy, smoky.  The books that you bring are chosen by teachers, pastors, jails, hospice workers, and others that are choosing books in our store at no cost to give away.  We do not want to offer them books that do not look nice and books that they won’t be proud to hold.

Problems with donations:  We have been having problems with donations being brought to us rather than being thrown away.  Books from years of storage, books molded, books damaged, books dated that would not be wanted by anyone.  Boxes with mice droppings and dead insects.  We are basically overwhelmed with the amount of garbage being dropped off. 

4 BOX LIMIT WITHOUT APPOINTMENT.  We cannot handle the amount o fboxes being dropped off randomly that are dirty and books inside out of date.  We recently had 45 boxes dropped off that were all old and dirty.  We do not have a chance to go through books as they are brought and the limit will help us stop any major drop offs.  If you have more than four boxes please send an e-mail (family@hamilton.net) to set up an appointment.

THANK YOU!  We would love your help in growing our store in the middle of Nebraska.  We thank you for caring and bringing us the books you treasure that you would want to buy or be given as a gift! We are all in this together – so many great books brought in all the time.  We love having this store and love that we are all in on this!   Susan