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Being Yourself. Rope Analogy. Especially as a Mother. Wife. Creator. Thoughts of Anne Lindbergh (Jan. 2008)

Susan’s Thursday morning note January 24, 2008  Journals of Anne Lindbergh.  Being yourself with various roles (mother, wife…) Good morning!  I almost want to just tell you all that this cold weather has frozen up […]

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Relationships & Death of mothers. (Heaven Reflections on Death of Susan’s Mother) (Jan. 2008)

Susans’ Thursday morning note January 20, 2008 Thoughts on Heaven.  Anniversary of death of Susan’s Mother Things My Mother Told Me – poetry by Maria Gillan             Analogy of Russian Nesting dolls with relationships of […]

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Letting Children Develop Their Own Loves, Desires – Letting Them Go. “The Little Virtues” by Natalia Ginzburt (Jan. 2008)

Susan’s Thursday morning note January 19, 2008 The Little Virtues by Natalia Ginzburt Arrow Analogy in a Letter from missionary Jim Elliot to his son Helping children find their own passions and loves in life […]

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Quotes on Appreciating TODAY “The Traveler” always traveling to find happiness by Daren Simkin (Jan 2008)

January 5, 2008 Susan’s Newsletter The Traveler by Daren Simkin (A Traveler packing up “time” constantly searching for true happiness) Quotes on living for today not always waiting for tomorrow. Good morning everyone!  Does this little […]

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