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Susan’s Gifts

I love to find gifts that will be meaningful and bring book loving fun into your home!  Map necklaces that we make specifically for you of places that are meaningful to you or someone special to you. 

High-quality candles hand-poured in Lincoln, Nebraska, ABC letter necklaces for your book-loving friends!  Jigsaw Puzzles to give memories of quiet as you work by yourself or with someone you care about on neat puzzles.  Quotable mugs & magnets that inspire every time glanced at through the day.

Bookmarks we make from spines of damaged books that we save – we LOVE making these!  Our scrabble magnets are just plain fun for you to use on your refrigerator or to give to friends who have a small chalkboard to make sayings on. 

Little gifts that make those of us that love books smile!  Susan