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Hold Fast Your Dreams poem by Louise Driscoll. Dreaming amidst suffering. (May 2013)

Susan’s Thursday Note May 30, 2013 Lousie Driscoll Poem (written during WW1 on dreaming amidst extreme suffering) Good morning.  So still to begin the day.  Perfect filler with a little coffee.  Little whosit learning that […]

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St. Frances de Sales and St. Francis of Assisi Quotes. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio taking name Pope Francis. (March 2013)

Susan’s Thursday Note March 14, 2013 Quotes from St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis de Sales   Good morning!  I’m standing guard of my second strong cup of filler with coffee for a certain little […]

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Missing mother’s love as an adult woman. “Rock Me to Sleep” poem by Elizabeth Akers Allen (May 2013)

Susan’s Thursday morning note May 9, 2013 Poem by Elizabeth Akers Allen “Rock Me To Sleep” Desire for mother’s love as an adult woman. Good morning!  What a PERFECT morning.  So still.  No little train […]

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