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Vision of discussion on distraction with Plato and Aurelius. “The Undistracted” by Irwin Edman. (March 2020)

Susan’s Thursday morning note March 5, 2020 The Undistracted by Irwin Edman.  (Author having a vision of discussion with Plato and Marcus Aurelius) Good morning.  Just enough light to know dawn will soon arrive.  The […]

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Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards. Inspiring Quotes. Love of Words (April 2012)

Susan’s Thursday morning note April 19, 2012 Resolutions. Love of Words.  Inspiring Quotes   Good morning!  Springtime.  Glances to the heavens for cloud analysis.  Storms.  Calm.  Wind.  Constant changes.  Nebraska.  Not necessarily my favorite place for […]

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Coexisting with Unresolved & Embracing Imperfection “Creating a Charmed Life” by Victoria Moran (Mar. 2007 & 2011)

Susan’s Thursday morning note March 10, 2011 – Embracing Imperfection in Self and March 29, 2007 – Coexisting Gracefully with the Unresolved Creating a Charmed Life by Victoria Moran God Calling Journal.  By AJ Russell  […]

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Setting goals through Discipline. Perseverance. Ideals. “Self-Help” by Samuel Smiles – written in 1866 (Sept. 2009)

Susan’s Thursday morning note September 10, 2009  Self-Help by Samuel Smiles (Setting goals through discipline, perseverance, ideals) Good morning!  Strong coffee…not enough sleep…all mixed together to bring you something to think about this week!  Let’s […]

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Writing to Change. Cope. Grow – “The Sound of Paper” by Julia Cameron (Sept. 2007)

Susan’s Thursday morning note September 13, 2007 The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron Writing to Change, Cope & Grow   Good morning!  I have already had a perfect cup of coffee, my little cats […]

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