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Ordering & Payment Information

NEW 2023! ORDERING UPDATES for ordering on Susan’s Website.  We are trying to make ordering easier for you & to get more & more organized on our end!

* Payment now must be made at time of order. Even if only ordering one book. We were able to add credit card payments to the website & a business Paypal account.


* If any books are not what you need when you pick up you will be given an in-store used book credit to use on book purchases made in the store. Or you can donate back the books you choose to not keep.

* If we are unable to find any books on your order we will refund you. (This happens because we offer everyone who comes into the store a free book. Sometimes they forget to show us their free book. We inventory regularly each category to help keep the inventory current, but know we are so sorry when this happens.)

* Your free book is always a gift from us when you come into our store. This book is one you can choose when you pick up your books as a gift for you to choose. The free book will not be one from on-line purchases. The book is a gift to be chosen when you come to pick up your order.

* Pastors, Teachers, Organizations that get your books free – This will only be for books that you are able to now pick out personally from our shelves when you visit our store, not for on-line purchases. Come anytime to look through our bookstore to pick your books out! There is no limit to the number of books you can take with you!

THANK YOU for supporting our business. For volunteering. For bringing books. We love getting these on our website, but there is a lot involved in keeping this going including sorting, scanning, and then marking the books. We love doing this & hope you understand our new policies!


SHIPPING:  Our shipping is only $11.99 per shipment.   You can have as many books as you’d like to you in your box.  Place as many orders as you would like to & until you have enough for your shipment you can choose “hold to ship later” at the time you pay.  When you are ready for us to ship your previous orders with the final order of your box you can then choose “Shipping” and the $11.99 will be added to this final order.  We will then know you are ready for us to ship what you have held along with your order where you pay the shipping.