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Attack Evangelism ~ by Dr. Greg Koehn (Henderson, NE)


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This book was originally written as a training manual for evangelism but then developed into a study of our salvation. The presentation of the gospel is simple so that even a child can understand it and believe it. But it is not enough to give a simple presentation, in order for us to defend the faith in this postmodern world, we need to understand the gospel and its implications for our world.

Our Christian imperative is to make disciples of the people groups of the world beginning with where we are and then moving out to the uttermost parts of the world. Culture will only change when people change and they will change only when that change occurs from the inside out. To believe on the Lord Jesus Christ is to be born again, a person changed by the Spirit of God from the inside out.

The Church is God’s ordained institution on earth but the Church spends too much time on the inside, the time has come to get off our seat, onto our feet and into the street. In view of our postmodern world, passive evangelism is not the answer, it is time to attack.  Dr. Koehn is pastor of Community Bible Church in Lushton, NE.