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Dancing with Angels Collection of Hospice Stories by Karen Farr (new book by Nebraska native author)


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This collection of hospice stories overflows with the passion of both hope and despair. Read intriguing stories inspired by Karen’s ten years as a hospice nurse. Journey with ten patients through their struggle with a life-threatening diagnosis. Experience different family dynamics of coping with fear and death. Learn how to live with hospice support. Enjoy the gems hidden between the chapters Dancing with Angels shares ten hospice experiences. These fictitious stories draw on events from Karen’s ten years as a hospice nurse. She chooses settings and events that emphasize how hospice functions under the federal guidelines.

(1)Red Knitted Slippers: A financially strapped Viet Nam Vet dies in his brother’s home.

(2)Heaven, I’ve Been There: A single mother with an ‘out of body’ experience has no fear of dying.

(3)Bagels and Lox: A grandmother lives one week in her son’s home after experiencing a massive stroke.

(4)Get on Board: A grandfather has concern about his grand-children’s spirituality.

(5)Orange Bucket: A contractor attempts all holistic and known medical interventions to cure cancer.

(6)I Found My Lost Daughter: A Korean War vet finds a daughter born out of wedlock.

(7)Where is Ernie? A father with Alzheimer ends his ten year journey confused in a skilled nursing facility.

(8)I Want Chocolate at my Memorial: Hospice care extends the life of a ninety-four year old chocoholic grandmother.

(9)Queen Victoria: A widow without family wrestles with her self-image.

(10)B-17 Bomber’s Final Flight: A World War II Veteran struggles with his wife’s difficulties in accepting his death.

Each story shares a hospice journey and how different people faced the reality of death. Hospice does not promise to add or subtract days to life. These stories show how some patients lived longer and more comfortably when hospice controlled their symptoms. Hospice treats the whole patient, physically, emotionally and spiritually with understanding and support.