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Havelock, Great American Novel ~ by Tom Frye (Lincoln, NE)


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Havelock, the Great American Novel
Before Reason Nelson ever stepped foot in that party and discovered the blue key that belonged to a safe-deposit box, his father, Rain, left behind a legacy of his own. If you’ve ever read Eight Ball, The Kid, and Bloody Mary, this is where the story began. 
During the aftermath of a school bus wreck caused by a drunken biker, young Rain Nelson discovers a cigar tube dropped by the biker. Rain later finds that it contains a map leading to a trove of valuable Native relics. In particular, the white buffalo robe with a Cheyenne peace treaty marked on it during the Night the Stars fell from the Skies. Find out how the Kid and the Con eventually cross paths and the impact that encounter will have on their lives.
About the Author:
Tom Frye has worked for the past 30 years as an advocate for troubled youth. He began his career when still in high school, serving as a street contact for a runaway shelter. It was during his time as a worker at a detention facility for delinquent youth, that he began writing stories for
the residents. When kids began asking for sequels to his works, Tom knew he had discovered a way to communicate and connect with troubled kids.
Tom has served as a mediator for his own truancy program, and provided wake-up calls and escorts to schools for a wide mix of alternative students. As an English/Drama instructor, he once produced and directed a substance abuse program which had an impact on 15,000 at-risk kids.
He believes, though, that his greatest accomplishment can be summed up in the words of one troubled boy who wrote to him while confined in an institution: “Discovered your book today. It was like reading a letter you wrote directly to me. Thanks for giving me hope.”