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Lion Taming, Dating & Other Dangerous Endeavors ~ by R.J. Post (Grand Island, NE)


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Which would you rather face: Staring down a lion or the possible rejection of your latest crush? Scary prospects, indeed! These dozen eclectic stories probe mysteries as diverse as dating and time travel, phantoms and unrequited love. Honesty and relationships keep company with spies and scoundrels, mystery-solving teens and the occasional megafauna cryptid as these 12 tales wind their way to often O. Henry-ish endings. If there’s a corner where John Green bumps into Rod Serling, you’ll find “Lion Taming, Dating and Other Dangerous Endeavors” waiting there … with a laugh or two to keep you smiling.

R.J. Post grew up in Ohio and Kansas and graduated from a small, private college that’s been closed for a quarter of a century. He gleefully toiled in newsrooms as a reporter, editor and manager for more than 30 years. Although he fondly recalls the newspaper business as his “crazy ex-girlfriend,” he now embraces the life of a marketing copywriter. He enjoys used-book shops, vinyl records, marching bands and dysfunctional love songs. R.J. lives in Grand Island, NE, which is, of course, not a real island. “Lion Taming, Dating and Other Dangerous Endeavors” is his first book. Contact R.J. at rjpostauthor@gmail.com