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Prairie by Kittredge McKee


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Frankie Harding finds herself alone on the vast prairie of the Nebraska Territory in 1863. With the loss of her family to fever along the trail West, ten-year-old Frankie is faced with the decisions and choices of an adult. With her only other options of turning back East, to a life and home that no longer exist, or waiting by the trail for some unknown person or family to take her in, Frankie chooses to make her own way West.

Fully aware that she has no idea of what to expect, Frankie learns that the journey across the prairie is the same for her as anyone else; it’s about taking one step at a time on the prairie, learning one lesson at a time. She knows that, along with a team of horses and a wagon filled with all she has left in life, it’s her own character and passion that will take her to the homestead that waits for her, somewhere out on the vast prairie.

This is Frankie’s story about traveling home, about going the distance and finding something permanent, both inside herself and across the prairie. It’s a story about loving life, about holding onto life, and about building a life. Ultimately, it is a hero’s journey…a journey of the heart and the spirit.