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Richard and the Bully Storm ~ by Kela J. Miller


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This is a sweet story with a fun analogy comparing thunderstorms and bullies.

Have you ever felt scared? How did you handle your feelings?

Oftentimes young children have feelings they do not know how to express and they don’t know what to do with their feelings. Based on a true story, Richard and the Bully Storm shows how Richard learns to handle his fears.

Children of all ages can relate to this book as it guides Richard through solutions for his feelings.


Author Kela Miller:

“My name is Kela J. Miller. I was raised in South Texas and North Mexico. I have traveled most of my life and I have learned to “people watch.” I have found that there are connections and relationships in every aspect of life. In understanding those relationships I have found an interest in analogies. This journey of understanding connections has led me to study Behavioral Science and mathematics. I taught pre-k for years and now I am a math teacher in a local school.”

My first book is an analogy of thunderstorms and bullies. My next book should be out next year. I hope your children enjoy my first book, Richard and the Bully Storm.