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Wildflowers Beyond the Road by Ron Dubas (Fullerton, NE)


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“The fifth year of drought had pummeled J.P. in every way imaginable – it had tested his faith, dimmed his dreams, and broken his marriage.  With his wife gone and his farm suffering, J.P. was forced to make a life-changing decision.

Whether he was running away from his past, searching for something new, or possibly even a little of both, J.P.’s journey landed him in the city, working at George’s Garage.

After serving as the garage’s bookkeeper for most of her life, Leah knew better than to fraternize with the employees.  Her history with men was story enough as it was.

There was something about the new mechanic, though.

Both J.P. and Leah liked the dependable routine of working at the garage.  After struggling for so long, all they wanted was a steady paycheck with no surprises.  

But, like a Nebraska wind racing through a patch of wildflowers, True Love has a way of shaking things up.”


About the Author:

Ron Dubas is a fourth generation farmer-rancher whose heart lives in the fields of the Great Plains, as well as on his sleeve.  Wtih a lifelong interest in local history and his family’s sstories, he shouldn’t havec been surprised when the seeds of a Nebraska romance began to blossom in his head.  After 13 years of writing, wondering, and waiting, Ron is thrilled to be able to share Wildflowers Beyond the Road with his family, friends, and the friends he has yet to meet.  Ron live in Nance County with his beloved wife of 46 years.  He’s grateful for the land, this life, and the Lord that guides his way.