Angel of Dawn poem by J.S. Cutler (New day bringing new gift) (June 2011)

Susan's Thursday morning note June 30, 2011 
Angel of Dawn Poem by J.S. Cutler - Each day bringing the gift of a new day.

Good morning!!!  It’s already hot today…and knowing the temperature is to reach 104 today…almost made it hard to down a cup of coffee!!  (almost!)  I read a poem this week that I believe you will all really like.  Often we refer to the gift of time we’re given each day…how it is our choice of our use…how we will have a chance to write on our epitaph tonight what we did to use our moments we’ll never be able to get back.  This poem is from the perspective of the early morning – the gift of the moments given by the angel of dawn.  I woke this morning, saw the sunshine through the curtains, and realized the angel of dawn was at my doorstep, ready to hand me “a priceless jewel” – I especially loved the lines in bold below, “The day is thine, waste not its running sands.”

 Angel of Dawn  by J.S. Cutler

One morn an angel stopped beside my door,
    Clad in the shining garments of the dawn;
Upon his brow a starry crown he wore;
    In his right  hand a flaming sword was drawn.

With terror filled, I prayed with piteous cry
    The angel-presence then to pass me by.
"I am not death," the angel said, and smiled;
    "Thy soul shall have the answer to thy prayer.
Drive from thy breast this fearful anguish wild;
    I am the Angel of the Dawn - beware!

I place a priceless jewel in thy hands;
    The day is thine, waste not its running sands.
"Therefore mark well-thy duty waiteth thee,
    Beside the morning's swiftly opening gate;
The new day dawns - its hours will quickly flee;
    Stamp them with honor ere it be too late;

Thy deed may lift thee higher than they prayer.
    The day is thine, remember and beware!"
And then the angel took his shining way,
    On silent wings, out to the shadowy west;

And swiftly onward came the new-born day,
    The priceless jewel of my angel-guest.
The birds awoke and filled the world with song,
    And made my burden light the whole day long.

And  now, when morning throws its early beams
    In golden rays across the ocean's floor,
And I awake form slumbering and dreams,
    I know an angel waiteth at the door;

I hear again that kindly voice declare - 
    "Thy deed may lift thee higher than they prayer."
 ...And swiftly onward came the new-born day
   the priceless jewel of my angel-guest,
   the birds awoke and filled the world with song

What hope in those lines.  We have a little bonsai tree that has struggled with survival for years.  Just as we actually began to voice the thought of sparing the little the misery of it’s existence (just last week) a little frog burrowed into a corner of the dish and lives under the sad little droopy leaves.  I love this scene.  Already checked to see if the little frog came back last night after disappearing yesterday afternoon.  There he sat, hunched, crabby-looking, glancing up at me as if he’d rather not be disturbed.  He and the sad bonsai..both giving each other friendship.  The littlest gifts – I believe the smallest details of creation truly keeps us aware of what is important and keeps life in perspective. 

Tonight…our epitaph for today’s moments.  What will we think about?  What will we concentrate on?  Will we take the time to write what we are proud of tonight on our stone?  Our priceless jewel – we all have been given this jewel again today.  Let us take time for some silence.  For looking into eyes.  For looking inward and caring for ourselves and those near us.  And, especially important – regardless of if we aren’t wanting to write in stone tonight mistakes we will make, we can know that we continually are given this gift – the knowledge of the ability to begin again (not only in the mornings, but continuously).  Thank you so much for letting me enter your Thursday again.  Regardless of your circumstances….Let us all notice details in the gifts created for our pleasure – the birds in your own scene, the little frogs, the dandelions.  All for you.  For you to know you are not alone.  Thank you for your constant support in our store, if you only knew how much your business matters.  Have a great week!  Susan


Latin for this week:
Eosphorus - "bringer of dawn"
Phosphorus - "bringer, bearer of light"