Dreaming of Giving More Books Away:

“O thou lord of life, send my roots rain.” Written by poet Gerard Manley Hopkins early 1800’s



I was just able to sit and watch the 2020 National Book Awards on C-Span and was mesmerized.  I am so motivated to now have the opportunity through our bookstore to give away more books that are donated by you.  Books change lives.  This was reiterated through this entire program.  Please try to sit when you have a chance and watch this.  You will be encouraged to be part of our giving books to any organization, family, child, friend.  Please contact me for any opportunity you have to give a book and do not have the ability to purchase it and need it free.  If you personally need books at no charge because of personal circumstances through this time please order on our website and instead of paying through Paypal choose “pay Susan later” and let me know in the notes that you need as a gift.  We want you to read.  We don’t care at all if you cannot pay.   https://www.c-span.org/video/?478365-1/2020-national-book-awards



Through this difficult time where there are so many hurting so many of us know that books can lift us, can inspire us, can get us through, can bring us to be even better because of the opportunity of time to have a chance to read.


Thank you for donating your books.  We will have books available to anyone – friend, child, mother, father, sister, brother, neighbor, teacher, organization that wants to give them away.  We will have books to give away to ANYONE who needs a book with no charge if you cannot at this time afford to pay.  We will have books because we have so many donating books to our store.  We were able to then sell them inexpensively in the store to help sustain our business, and we were able to give away over 8000 last year.  Everyone always gets a free book in our store & everyone who orders gets a free book.  These books can, have, and will continue to change our lives.


WHAT BOOK AFFECTED YOUR LIFE THE MOST that you look across the room at your bookshelf and know it is part of your soul and story of your life?  If you send me the title & author I will begin a list of them & send the entire list to all of you later and update regularly on our website to give ideas on what to read that may change your life.


We don’t want to fill our hours with words that don’t matter.  We want to use the moments given to us in life to read the words that will take us to a higher level of life.  A life where we give.  A life where we survive.  A life where we contribute.  A life where we feed our souls with words from others.  Please let me know at family@hamilton.net.  If you would like to add how it changed a particular time or decision in your life I will also add that when I post the books (without adding any names).  You can let me know if it was for learning, for helping through grief, for joy, for distraction…


Often on Thursday mornings since 2006 I have tried to give you excerpts from books as they have affected my life.  These are all on our website by topic.  When you need prayers, quotes, thoughts from historical writings, writings that have lifted my soul, words that “have given my soul rain” – I hope that some of them also will bring rain to your thirsty souls.  Susan