Book Donation Details


Updated Book donation information ~ Bringing books to Susan’s:

Thank you for bringing books to help us have our bookstore & be able to also give so many books away throughout our communities. 

We have been having problems with people bringing their books to us instead of throwing them away.  Books from years of storage, books molded, books damaged, books dated that would not be wanted by anyone.  Boxes with mice droppings & dead insects.  We are basically overwhelmed with the amount of garbage being dropped off. 

Because of this we are now starting a 4 BOX LIMIT without appointment:  We are now going to ask for an appointment to drop off books if you are able to bring more than 4 boxes.

We just cannot handle the amount of boxes being dropped off that are dirty and books inside that are out of date.

We had another 45 boxes brought in since Saturday from only 3 donors. The majority of the books were old, dated, and/or dirty. None of these three had made appointments and we didn’t have a chance to look to realize the majority of books were not what anyone would want.

If you have more than 4 boxes please send us an email at or call our store (402-694-2244) to set up an appointment and let us know what you are able to bring. We would love larger donations if you are cleaning your bookshelves in your home or moving & have great books you know readers in our store would love to have available.  Books teachers would love to give to their students as gifts.

I think this will help alleviate the drop-offs of large loads from storage units & basements & garages that have been packed away for a long time. Books that some do not want to pay for dumpster fees so are being left with us.

We appreciate so much how so many bring books to our used bookstore. Because of your donations we are able to now give away over 2,000 each month to schools, jails, teachers, pastors, etc.

We are all in this together – so so many great books were brought in just today – I love having the store. I love that you are in on this with me. We just have to somehow stop the drop-offs of so many books that no one would want & that are breaking our backs to carry & sort!  I so hope you all understand!