Christmas – Reflections on use of all our senses. “The Christmas Box Collection” by Richard Paul Evans. (Dec. 2006)

Susan's Thursday morning note December 21, 2006 
The Christmas Box Collection by Richard Paul Evans
Christmas reflections on use of all senses.

Good morning!    It finally feels like Christmas – now that we have ice on the sidewalks & on the trees.  Interesting that the weather plays such a part in what makes the holidays seem “real”.  This morning I was able to sit by our woodstove drinking my coffee at 5:00 a.m. – with Camden still asleep and Stu adding logs to the fire.  One of those hours that you wouldn’t mind having be one of your memories when you’re dying.  I have one of my favorite books in front of me, The Christmas Box Collection (that I referred to a few weeks ago on the notes in a song).  One of the conversations that has stayed in my mind went something like this…  “What senses are the most important to you from your Christmas holidays?”

Scents?  Gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, seafood gumbo, turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, pies, candles, newly opened colognes & perfumes.

Sights?  Snow falling, Christmas lights outside, Christmas lights on the tree, candles glowing around our homes, fires in the woodstoves & fireplaces, excited children running wildly, table of packaging preparations, living room mess after opening gifts, stores lit up, candles in abundance in the dimness of the sanctuary at candlelight services, headlights pulling into your driveway of family arriving, (taillights pulling out of your driveway of family members leaving!  (Smile!    I had to throw that in there!), tears on faces.

Tastes: Sprinkles on cookies, eggnog, roast lamb, candy canes, and all the above scents changed to taste!    pies, seafood, Gingerbread cookies.

Sounds: “Ho Ho Ho” from Santas around town, Bells of all pitches, jingles, children’s trains, Cries that we forgot to check the oven (had to throw that in for my personal experiences!)  Whispers (“Has Santa come yet?”), Quiet carols during the candlelight service, Loud carols singing, “Joy to the World…”, cantatas, Children’s choirs, laughter when friends & family arrive, crying over memories.

I thought it was interesting to think about which sense was the most important to me.  I am glad that I don’t have to make a choice!    This just helped me to think about what does make this holiday extra special (regardless of how many you gather with!) Enjoy all of these – even your memories of them.  Memories are gifts.

Thank you so much for your business this holiday season.  How fun it has been to be here!    No matter what your plans are for the holiday, know that you were given the most precious gift (even though this begins to sound repetitive) – you were given the precious gift of the baby Jesus.  God did not send us a crutch.  He sent us a treasure.  Do not let your heart be troubled…  if you are alone, let this be one of the most peaceful holidays you’ve ever had to reflect and make goals.  If you are involved in chaos – join in!    If you are overwhelmed, I hope you can stop your stress & make memories for those around you (that they would think of when they are old & thinking back!).  Cherish your holiday – we need each other!    May God bless you & your family!    Susan, Stu, and Camden