Mourning losses in life compared to phases of the moon. Poem “Shadows in the Light” by Robert Lavery (Oct. 2007)

Susan's Thursday morning note October 4, 2007 
Love Lost by Robert Lavery
Shadows in the Light poem on mourning compared to phases of the moon 
Mourning life losses: children growing, loss of job, loss of youth, loss of health, death

Good morning!  I haven’t gotten started very early this morning – Camden already off at school.  But my little cat has assumed her position on my lap, so I think that’s my ticket for thinking for all of you!!!  (smile!) I got in a book this week that I ordered “by accident” – the wrong author for a title that someone needed.  The title of this book that I brought home is Love Lost: Love Found by Robert Lavery.  I picked up the book last night – reading mainly poetry that he wrote to get through mourning of his wife’s death from breast cancer and his son’s death from an accident.  There was a beautiful poem near the end of the book that I just know you will all love.  I have compared different time periods of our life to music compositions.  He used this poem to compare the different stages with the phases of the moon.  Let me just type it for you and let you process it in whatever way helps you.

Shadows in the Light
The sunlight streams through my window.
It warms my skin but also brings comfort to my spirit.
It is never changing, always there.
At night the moon reminds me that the light has not gone
it will return in time, I must be patient.
As the moon comes and goes through the sky,
So does my life go on.
That life is never changing.
It continues through time.
I have had joy as bright as the sun.
I have had sorrow as dark as the new moon.
Yet the cycle continues.

At times in the dark of night.
When the moon is not in the sky.
I look into the flame of a candle.
In its light I see hope.
They are with me still those shadows of the past.
I hear their laughter, I see their smiles,
But I long for the comfort of their embrace.

As the cycle of sun and moon continues.
So does my life, it continues.
I am not ready to join the shadows yet.

The sunlight streams through my window.
I lie in its warmth and dream of them.
Even in the light their shadows are around me.
I think of where my life is now.
The changes that have been wrought in me.
I still hear their laughter,
Still see their smiles,
And I know they are near me.

Your changes may not be illness or death.  Your loss may be to children growing, loss of job, loss of youth, loss of health.  Who knows, but I do know that we each have a story – and this poem is beautiful in showing how time continues to move forward.  I hope you see the beauty of comparing life with the moon.  The dark night is a new moon – I like that thought!  May you have time to be still and reflect this week.  Take the time.  Give it to yourself.  Thank you for all you’ve done & are doing for our little business.  You are the reason this little shop works!  Have a great fall week.  Look up – your help is there.  Susan

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