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Homestead Fever by Marie Kramer (York, NE) Hardcover


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Homestead Fever

Marie Kramer first became interested in pioneer days by listening to the tales told by her father, Joe Dobrovolny, who – with his wife, Ella, and their seven children – lived on a ranch south of Atkinson, Nebraska.  Joe, who was born in 1883, lived in a sod house for the first eleven years of his life and remembered back into the 1880’s when buffalo bones were strewn across the plains.  he spent his boyhood herding cattle on the fenceless prairie and his youth on the open ranges of Wyoming and the Dakotas.

Having written down her father’s experiences, Kramer began collecting stories from other old-timers.  Those tales became the basis for Homestead Fever.

Kramer lived in the Stuart-Atkinson area for over sixty years of her life.  During forty of those years, she was married to Don Krysl who died in 1983.  Their three children and seven grandchildren are her hope and her pride.

After retiring from school teaching, she married Ray Kramer and moved to York, Nebraska.  However, she says that her heart will always be in a green valley which nestles in the northeastern edge of the Nebraska Sandhills.


About Marie & Contact Information:

In June of 2021, Marie Dobrovolny Krysl Kramer will be 98.  her short term memory is faltering, but if a visitor asks her to think about “the old stories” from the Dust Bowl or World War II, one might think she has no memory lapses at all.

Marie had a surprise in early 2021 – her assisted living property in York was sold, and residents had to move.  That turned out to be a fine nudge – she is moving to Blair, Nebraska where she and the family lived while she finished her degree at Dana College (1968).

Since both Marie and her daughter, Judy, are moving, addresses given now will change soon.  To stay updated, check in on Judy’s Facebook page, or send a personal FB message: Judy Krysl.

Marie does not have copies of all her books to share any more.  However, for those who wish to know the titles, here is a list:

Homestead Fever, Out of Barbed Wire, Aurora: A Wartime Love Story, Heinrich to Henry, Thirst for Justice, Grandchildren of the Pioneers I, Grandchildren of the Pioneers II

Marie thanks you for your interest in the books over the past thirty years.  She wrote them to “save the stories that would be lost.”  Having readers gave her rich satisfaction.  (March, 2021)

Contact information updated April 2021:

Judy Krysl (daughter). 2038 E 8th Street. York, NE. 68467. jkrysl820@windstream.net.  Facebook: Judy Krysl